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Crowfall Market

After over 6 years of development, Crowfall is finally ready. This next-gen massively multiplayer online game, dubbed "Throne War Simulator" by its developers, will take us to a universe comprised of multiple worlds which are divided into bands that envelope the universe's epicenter - the Hunger (a dark force that spreads in the middle of Crowfall universe and corrupts both worlds and creatures living on them. Origins of the Hunger are unknown). The closer to the center, the deadlier and more dangerous the worlds get as Hunger's influence on them gets stronger. Starting from the furthest, and potentially the safest band, there are: 

  • Eternal Kingdoms - Sandbox worlds fully designed by the community. They are developed, managed, and owned by players. This means that you can create anything you want in Eternal Kingdoms; An idyllic heaven, a Crowfall Market, or your depiction of hell. The world's owner, called "the Monarch" can activate and deactivate PvP on his planet, set it to private or public, and even assign ranks to the visiting players and allow them to place buildings and place parcels of land. Think of Eternal Kingdoms as an incredibly versatile player housing mixed with one of the baldest guild hall systems ever implemented onto an MMORPG... mixed with a world-sized dungeon creator. We can't wait to see what new developments this system will receive in further updates as it's already amazing. Currently, Eternal Kingdoms can act as PvP gladiatorial rings, guild hubs, or staging grounds for various group endeavors, and, as previously mentioned, they allow players to create their own Crowfall Market as well - you can create your own Trade empire there. 
  • God's Reach - This is where you will start your journey through the Crowfall universe. These outer rim worlds are still within reach of the gods, which makes them rather safe - the influence of Hunger is very minor in God's Reach. Because these worlds are meant to introduce new players to the game, PvP is unavailable on them, and everyone is assigned to the same faction. As a result of the lack of PvP, there are no keeps, outposts, or forts to claim in God's Reach, but you can still find a Crowfall Market here and there. You will find only very limited resources on these worlds. God's Reach worlds are not destroyed when a Campaign ends. 
  • The Infected - These are the worlds that lay in the middle band; almost outside of the influence of the gods but still quite far from the hunger. Gods-granted protection from Hunger is very minor on the Infected worlds which makes them moderately dangerous - they are meant to act as perpetual training grounds and permanent staging areas between Campaigns. PvP is allowed but without looting (so, you won't lose your gear when you die to PvP while on one of the Infected worlds) and keeps, outposts and forts are up for grabs. You will find only very limited resources on these worlds (but more than on God's Reach). Infected Worlds are not destroyed when a Campaign ends. 
  • Campaign Worlds - All Campaign Worlds are procedurally generated and they exist only for a limited time. These worlds can have a variety of rulesets, win conditions, and embargo limits. Currently, there are two Campaign World belts. 
    • The Shadow - These words are fully within the Hunger's reach and the shield offered by the gods does not envelop them. They are slowly devoured by the Hunger and as a result, they are extremely dangerous. While on a Campaign World, all players will be subject to PvP and have their inventory available for looting if they're killed. However, high risk means high reward - resources found on these worlds have a much higher value than resources harvested on outer bands. Forts, outposts, and keeps scattered on Campaign Worlds can be sieged and claimed - a team with the highest score (the most claimed areas) will be declared a winner once the campaign ends at the end of winter. Moreover, these worlds have world banks, which means that resources that can be taken into them or brought from them are limited - this further ensures that resources from Campaign Worlds are sought after on every Crowfall Market. 
    • Dregs - The most dangerous worlds that lay in the inner part of the Crowfall universe. Hunger has a complete rule over them - they are warped and twisted by it. The resources found on these worlds are the rarest and the most sought after on every Crowfall Market. PvP rules are the most hardcore on the Dregs - these worlds are dubbed "Guild vs Guild Worlds". Once a Campaign ends, Dregs will be destroyed and new worlds will take their place. 

Crowfall Campaigns

Campaigns are a core mechanic of Crowfall that distinguishes it from other MMORPGs. In simple words, each campaign will introduce a new set of "Campaign Worlds" with different rule sets and a limited life span. A campaign lasts for a certain amount of time and is divided into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Every season has a day/night cycle, and every night (on midnight) the Hunger will consume a portion of the world, twisting and corrupting monsters, spoiling food reserves, and blocking resource nodes (players will have to defeat the Hunger to unlock resources each time this happens). Every Campaign will have a set of embargo rules that will determine which resources, and how many of them, players will be able to take out of that Campaign. At the end of the last season, the Campaign will end, a victor will be declared, the Crows (players) will leave the world, and that Campaign will go offline forever - its worlds will be destroyed. 

Crowfall Races and Classes

As per usual in MMORPGs, Crowfall will offer its players an extensive choice of playable races and classes. However, there will be some class-race combination restrictions that are justified by the game's lore (so, no Half-Giant Assassins, Human Druids, or Minotaur Knights). As of right now, there are 12 playable races and 11 playable classes in the game: 

  • Races - Centaurs - a proud race of horse-people, bent on conquering all the known worlds; Elkens - a wild-loving race of hunters, adept in using bow and blade; Fey - joyful and playful folk who lived in the deep seclusion of the woods of Cybele; Guineceans - a race of rather small, rodent-like creatures who look a bit similar to earth's Guinea pigs; Half-Elves - not exactly a race, but a band of outcasts who share one thing in common - a mix of human and elven blood; Half-Giants - these creatures roamed the land before the birth of man, they traveled the worlds even before the arrival of the All-Father himself; High-Elves - a proud and ancient race at the brink of annihilation, known for its ability to harness magic; Humans - a rather short-lived, but highly reproductive race that approaches its peak - humans are the youngest children of Arkon, the Prince of Light; Minotaur - legendary creatures created by the Prince Malekai, the Lord of Shadows; Nethari - in appearance, very similar to humans, however, they themselves claim to be a separate race; Stoneborn - the eldest of the known races, made of the living stone - these are the dwarves of Crowfall; Wood-Elves - a sub-race of elves that split from their High-Elf ancestors centuries ago. 
  • Classes - Assassin - a master of subtlety and guerilla combat who shies away from fair fights; Champion - a fierce warrior who rose above the rest of his kind, a true combat veteran who knows no fear; Cleric - a class that mixes traits of a priest and a warrior which makes it extremely versatile on the battlefield; Confessor - a practitioner of fire magic, sanctioned by the Church of the Sun; Druid - a class tied to the natural world  - druids can call upon the aid of animals and even plants to help them in battle; Duelist - a true master of single combat who mastered the art of using a Rapier and a Pistol; Frostweaver - a wizard who has mastered the art of cryomancy and is now able to harness ancient words of power to drain heat, shape snow and ice, and freeze water; Knight - a noble and honorable warrior who follows the code of chivalry; Myrmidon - a savage and heartless gladiator who favors primal rage and animal instinct over professional training; Ranger - a ranged class that has mastered the ways of bow and arrow; Templar - a holy warrior whose purpose is to purge the Hunger from the universe. 

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