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Crowns are the main in-game currency in Gloria Victis. Crowns come in four denominations, organized in a way that a 100 of one, equals 1 of the next denominations. Those are Copper, Iron, Silver, and Gold. Crowns, and when it comes to real trading, Gold, is used by players to buy various items such as weapons, armor, crafting materials, and consumables from merchants or other players. Gold can be earned by completing quests, killing monsters, selling items to merchants or other players, or by trading with other players. Additionally, there is a premium currency called "Ambers" that can be purchased with real money and used to buy various premium items and services in the game. Ambers are not considered a basic currency as they are not earned through normal gameplay.



Obviously, Gold will be the main mean of exchange when it comes to obtaining the best equipment in the game, or the most sought-after materials and consumables. Gold is the most demanded currency in Gloria Victis online, and for many players hard to get because of the inability to spend enough time in the game world. For such players, trading with the use of real money on marketplaces like Odealo may be the most desirable option. On the secure Odealo marketplace, you can Buy, Sell, and Trade Gloria Victis currencies from other regular players at very reasonable prices. With fast delivery and 24/7 support, the majority of Users are more than satisfied on average, making it one of the best places to Buy Gloria Victis Gold on the Internet. You should also take into account, that Gold on Odealo is offered for sale by numerous Sellers, so with vivid competition, you can expect the best quality of service too. 



In Gloria Victis, Amber is the premium currency that can be purchased with real money, and it can be used to buy various premium items and services in the game. Some of the things that can be purchased with Amber include:

  • Premium account status provides various benefits such as increased experience gain and increased item drop rates.
  • Mounts and pets can be used to travel faster or provide bonuses in combat.
  • Cosmetic items such as costumes, skins, and dyes can be used to customize a player's appearance.
  • Boosts such as experience boosts, gathering boosts and crafting boosts, which provide temporary bonuses to various activities.
  • Convenience items such as additional inventory space, faster travel options, and instant access to crafting stations.
  • It's important to note that while Amber can provide certain advantages and conveniences, it is not required to enjoy the core gameplay experience of Gloria Victis. All items and services available for purchase with Amber can also be obtained through normal gameplay.


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