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What is PSO2?

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game developed by SEGA and available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PCs. Originally, it was released on July 4th, 2012 (in Japan), but has officially reached western markets just recently; the PC version is officially available in North America since May 27th, 2020. The game offers a plethora of features known from other similar titles but expands many of them and alters some others so that they fit its free-2-play model; For example, to access PSO2 Trading systems fully, players need a special 3-day pass or a premium. Unlike some of the more recent MMORPGs, Phantasy Star Online 2 utilizes a well-known-and-loved class system (with some interesting twists). On the current NA version of the game, players have access to 9 out of 12 known PSO2 Classes: 

  • Bouncer - A very unique melee DPS Class that offers refreshing playstyle thanks to unique weapons it uses. The Class is capable of high burst damage but can also successfully support allies when needed. Jet Boots, one of the Bouncer's two main weapons, enable flight and give Him a double jump ability (thanks to Jet Boots, Bouncer is one of the most mobile classes in PSO2); attacks and techniques (spells) performed with these are very flashy and stunt-heavy. Soaring Blades, the other Bouncer's weapon of choice, are much more "standard" as far as melee weapons go, but still very deadly thanks to their very high attack speed and hard-hitting Photon Arts (PSO2's equivalents of Skills). 
  • Braver - A universal DPS class, capable of both close-quarters and long-range combat, depending on the chosen weapon (Braver can use either Bows or Katanas). In the melee, Braver puts on a real show worthy of the true master of the blade. While fighting from a distance, however, He stays calm and collected, and his ranged attacks reflect that - they are silent but deadly. If you master the ways of the Katana, no one will be able to match you in close combat, because as Braver, you will be able to counter almost all swings directed at you. 
  • Fighter - If you are looking for an all-out offensive dreadnaught who disregards his wounds and always pushes forward, look no further because Fighter is exactly that. This aggressive Class puts raw power above all else and always balances between life and a very flashy death. The Fighter has access to three weapon types, all of which exhibit different traits: Double Sabers are short-range AoE weapons capable of slicing multiple enemies into pieces at once, Twin Daggers strike unbelievably fast and reward extremely offensive gameplay, while Knuckles allow Fighter to get up close and personal with his enemies and swiftly punch them into submission. 
  • Force - Force is a master of Techniques, which are PSO2's spells of sorts. This makes him very versatile, as there is a Technique for pretty much any situation. He can dish out damage, heal or support his allies, and crowd control enemies, which makes him extremely versatile. Force utilizes two kinds of weapons; Rods which are "standard" casting-type armaments great for amplifying his Techniques and regenerating resources, and Talises which can be thrown to a spot and used as "magic transponders" through which Force's Techniques emanate (they have rather low stats for balance reasons, however). If you like to play as a "mage", Force is perfect for you, just be aware of his rather low physical defenses. 
  • Gunner - As you have guessed, Gunner is a ranged damage dealer, but not a standard one. Unlike stereotypical ranged classes of other games, He uses rifles and machine guns to devastate his enemies with hailstorms of bullets. He also is much more nimble than a standard ranged DPS which makes him very exciting to play and quite difficult to master. Gunner's two weapons of choice are Assault Rifles (shared with the game's other ranged DPS, the Ranger) which are, by far, the more standard of the two, and Twin Machine Guns which turn the Gunner into a ranged/close combat hybrid; they have very short range but are capable of delivering hits very rapidly and give access to "Stylish Roll" that makes Gunner extremely mobile (it allows him to flip in any direction, dodging damage in the process). 
  • Hunter - The game's second designated Melee DPS Class. Unlike the Fighter, Hunter puts emphasis on both defense and offense which makes him more versatile and sturdy, but also somewhat less exciting to play. He likes to use hard-hitting but heavy and difficult-to-handle Weapons: Swords which are gigantic two-handed weapons capable of devastating hits but also great for defense, Partizans which make Him more mobile and defensively-focused, and Wired Lances which are interesting as they have a very high range (for melee weapons) and allow the Hunter to throw his enemies around after grappling them. Because of a great balance of offensive and defensive capabilities, Hunter is the most popular Subclass choice. If you are looking for a class that resembles a Tank, Hunter is as close as it gets (Tank role does not really exist in the PSO2). 
  • Ranger - The second designated Ranged DPS of Phantasy Star Online 2. Unlike the Gunner, Ranger prefers to keep a safe distance to his enemies at all times and relies on his firepower more so than on his mobility. Moreover, he is a team player who excels at long-range support, which makes him a worthy addition to any group. Ranger has access to two ranged weapons; Assault Rifles which he shares with the Gunner (playstyle offered by these suits Ranger much more), and Launchers which are very deadly, long-range, AoE Weapons that launch rockets at Ranger's enemies. High Blast Radius of the rockets makes Ranger excel at dealing AoE damage from a distance. Moreover, some of the more special rockets are capable of debuffing enemies. If you are looking for a more "classic" ranged DPS, Ranger is a great choice. 
  • Summoner - MMORPG would not be the same without a pet Class... and Summoner is the pet class of PSO2. Unlike other available specializations, he has access to just 1 weapon type *Harmonizers which are used to control pets), but this apparent lack of diversity is overshadowed by the number of companions Summoner has access to. There is a Pet for every given in-game situation, which makes Summoner the most versatile class in the game. Long-range support? - easy. Melee DPS? - there is a pet for that. Ranged DPS - no problem. A decoy that distracts enemies and blows up? - you guessed it. The only (minor) drawback of Summoner is the fact that setting all the pets up and maintaining them takes quite a lot of time. If you are looking for a powerful and extremely versatile Class easily capable of soloing content, look no further than the Summoner. 
  • Techter - This is quite a strange class at first glance (and that's saying something if we look at other PSO2 Classes). Techter is an interesting blend of Melee, Technique (magic), and Support Classes, which makes him fun to play and very versatile, but also hard to master and quite mediocre overall (jack of all trades, master of none kind of deal). However, if you are looking for a designated support build, Techter will be, by far, the best option. He shares one of his weapons with Force - Talises, which are generally better for Techter as they work great with support spells. The other Techter's weapon of choice is a Wand that combines Technique attacks with respectable melee attack values which makes it very unique. Thanks to Wands, Techter can play as a caster/melee hybrid capable of dealing AoE damage in close combat. 

Now, about the twists to the class system hinted above: To make gameplay more diverse and interesting, POS2 has introduced a dual-class system that allows players to choose their Main and Sub-classes. Both os these can be freely swapped for any of the other available classes. This means that you can level all 9 classes on a single character. The only thing that limits this is a restrictive tech tree resetting policy (which is another feature, alongside PSO2 Trading, designed with the game's f2p model in mind) - resets are often associated with paying Real Money unless you get a special free reset. This is why you should always consult experienced players and/or build guides before allocating any of your skill points (check out our PSO2 Articles section for detailed guides about all popular Class setups, complete with Skill choices and gear suggestions). 

PSO2 Marketplace

Trading is an inherent part of an MMORPG and PSO2 is no different. Sadly, access to the main in-game PSO2 Marketplace is hidden behind a paywall in the form of premium and the only free way of accessing it is through limited-time passes. This makes playing without premium quite challenging, as it gives premium players an advantage. Luckily, there are things even more advantageous than unlimited access to the PSO2 Player Shops, and deals that can be found on Odealo's Phantasy Star Online 2 subpage are definitely among them. Odealo is a rapidly-growing online PSO2 Marketplace and a great alternative to the game's AC shop. Thanks to PSO2 Assets that can be purchased via our site, you will be able to compete on par with the most dedicated hardcore players and your real-life obligations will no longer limit your ability to play on the highest level (by investing into the game through our site, you will be able to focus on the most important aspects of gameplay without ever worrying for money or gear). All transactions made under our agency are perfectly safe, thanks to our thorough verification systems. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest in the business, so you will always find a perfect offer. If you are a seller, don't hesitate to contact us and start a mutually-beneficial relationship. We guarantee that your sell offers will attract the attention of players. Don't hesitate, join our rapidly growing PSO2 community as a buyer or a seller (or both) and take advantage of our quickly-developing platform! 

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