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V4 Red Gems

What makes V4 unique?

V4 is a brand-new (as of 2020) Cross-Platform massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, developed by NAT Games and published by Nexon, currently available on three platforms - PC, IOS, and Android. When compared to most other "mobile" MMO titles, a few things about the v4 stand out; firstly, it is made in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks beautiful. The graphics are really polished and attention to detail can be seen at every step. Secondly, the scale of PvE combat in v4 is on a whole new level - World Boss fights can be fought by up to 300 separate players at once, which is unheard of in other mobile MMOs. Thirdly, thanks to the interdimensional rift system, players from one server have a possibility to engage with players from other servers. Fourthly, the game's premium currency, v4 Red Gems can be earned by simply playing the game, which more or less equalizes the power-level difference between free to play players and paying customers. Fifthly, the social aspect of the game was not skipped as it often happens in modern online games, where you play alone but there are some people around. You can even access v4's community page directly from the game, via the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the screen. 

For those of you who have doubts about jumping into a "mobile MMORPG": v4 is published by one of the biggest MMORPG publishers in the world - Nexon, and developed by an experienced team at Nat Games. Both companies are based in South Korea - the Mecca of the MMO market. The game really delivers the high-fantasy feel known from other Korean titles and is optimized not only for mobile but also for PC gameplay. The character progression, one of the most important things in any MMORPG, is very fleshed out and satisfying - your character becomes stronger every hour and you can feel it. The scale of PvE is massive - if you are looking for epic boss fights, you will find them in this game. Character customization is among the best currently available - you can change everything about your character's appearance and every piece of armor you wear is shown on your tune (also, armor models are different for each piece, so you will not experience repeating skin patterns). Trust us, v4 will definitely satisfy your MMORPG needs for the nearest future. 

V4 Currency System

The thing that stands out the most, however, is the game's currency system; There are 14! different currency types in v4 (Gold, Red Gems, Mileage, Guild Coins, Magic Essences, Batra Maans, Hunt Tokens, Red Wave Coins, Blue Shrimp Coins, Yellow Whale Coins, Black Octopus Coins, Pengint Tokens, Alliance Tokens, and Global Coins). The most valuable of which is, by far, v4 Red Gems. This premium currency is a main circulating medium in the game's premium shop and can also be used to purchase goods from the Trading Post. Without these gems, you will not be able to upgrade your gear, and thus your character's overall power level will not increase; if you want to stay competitive, you have to earn them. There are a few ways of doing that, some much more efficient and less time and consuming than the other: 

  • Trading Post - You can sell your loot for v4 Red Gems, instead of gold, via the Trading Post. However, most of the stuff you find is not worth a lot so making a real profit this way requires some knowledge and preparation. Firstly, you will have to develop your character to maximize its ability to farm rare and expensive gear. We recommend maxing out Research in the Lunatra areas (the ultimate goal is 5, but 1-4 will be enough to make the whole endeavor worthwhile); Doing this will make your hunts easier as you will want to focus mostly on Demon enemies. After your Research is leveled, you will want to farm Blue and Purple Bosses in Syllunas and Lunatra (timers for each of the bosses are around 250 minutes). After you obtain some loot, you will want to post it on Trading Post; there are a few things to remember here; 1 - Always check the prices before posting anything and try to undercut the competition. 2 - If there are no similar pieces already posted, and you don't know the exact price, consider waiting or ask around. 3 - Prices mostly differ based on the enchantment type (Honor, Solidarity, Trust, and Glory) - Honor tends to be the most sought-after and thus the most expensive, while Glory tends to be rather cheap. As you can see, the process of earning v4 Red Gems free-to-play is quite simple, but also rather random (because of the RNG-based drop rates) and time-consuming. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, you can try AFK-farming at Dekus Volcano but that will yield considerably less Red Gems in the long run. 
  • The Official Store - If you don't have time for farming or you want to speed up the development of your character, you can Buy v4 Red Gems via the official in-game cash store. You can access it through the "diamond" icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. Before you do this, keep in mind that the prices in the official shop are quite high and there are much more efficient ways of investing your funds in the game. 
  • Outside Sources - A much cheaper alternative to the game's official store. On websites like Odealo, you can safely Buy v4 Red Gems in any amount (the more you purchase at once the bigger the discount), from verified traders specialized in farming them. Odealo is a community-based RMT website with, at this point, years of experience in the business. Our sellers provide the best and the cheapest MMO services and the registration on our website is (and always will be) completely free. Don't risk by using other outside sources, pick the proven supplier; pick Odealo. 

How to Invest your Red Gems

Red Gems are the main source of your character's power in v4. The way in which you invest them will directly reflect in the strength of your tune - if you do it sub-optimally, your character will be weaker than it could be so spending your gems randomly is a bad idea. Here are a few examples of how you can make each of your v4 Red Gems really count: 

  • Assemble Gear Sets - Completing item sets and obtaining Combat Power bonuses that they provide is a proven way of improving your character's overall strength. With this method, you will want to focus on sets that are easy to assemble, but also give you relevant stats (+attack, +accuracy, +defense - basically, all "universal" stats that boost your power against all types of opponents) - it will allow you to assemble more of them with the same investment - Glory Sets are especially worth it, as they tend to be much cheaper than other types. Stats provided by the set assembly might seem to be not worth your investment, but they stack. Each completed set adds to your character's Combat Power and makes you stronger. Even if it were to give you a 10 stat bonus at a time, you would become much more powerful after assembling, let's say, a 100 - and sets give you more than this. Important: to make this more efficient, you can focus on farming sets by grinding mobs in relevant locations and buying the pieces you miss (for example, you buy the third piece after you've already collected two). 
  • Mount, Companion, and Pet Bundles - If you are a collector, or you just like to gamble from time to time, this way of spending your hard-earned Red Gems might interest you. There are special vanity-item bundles available in the in-game store - these contain random stuff that varies in rarity; if you are lucky, you can even make a profit by opening these. We do not recommend purchasing these unless you really like to collect stuff, as it will most likely lead to you simply loosing out on improving your character's Combat Power. Also, you might get frustrated after you don't get anything good out of a few bundles in a row. In-game gambling is always a bad idea, especially if it involves spending premium currency. 
  • Enhancement Scrolls - You will find Enhancement Scroll bundles in the in-game store. These can be used, as the name suggests, to improve bonuses provided by your gear. Before you buy too many of these scrolls, you should consider one important thing - the enhancement success rate plummets after you reach +4 (so, +5 and higher requires much more scrolls), and enhancing your gear becomes much more expensive after you reach this threshold. We recommend you to upgrade all your gear pieces to +4 before you even try to boost them higher. 
  • Imprint Stones and other limited Shop offers - In Premium Shop you will find goods that have purchase limits imposed on them (daily or even all-time per account). These include Imprint Stone Chests, Rare Soulstone Chests, and Event-specific stuff. These, most of the time, offer great value for your buck and are definitely worth checking out. You can even turn your Red Gems into Gold once a day via one of the limited offers (conversion rate is rather bad, however, and we don't recommend it). 
  • Flipping - If you are good at reselling goods, you can try to flip gear on the Trading Post. This will not increase your character's Combat Power directly but will allow you to considerably increase your wealth over time. To do this efficiently, you have to know all the prices and have the ability to "read" the market. If you make a mistake, you can easily lose your invested Red Gems - do this at your own risk. 

Odealo is one of the safest-to-use trade hubs for v4 Red Gems and the best alternative to the official in-game store. If you are looking for a place where you can safely Trade, Sell, and Buy v4 Red Gems or other in-game assets, you have come to the right place. We offer complete buyer and seller protection. Registration and posting tools available on our site come free of charge, and our fees are the lowest in the business. Moreover, our thorough verification systems ensure that all offers available on our website are fully legit and come from proven sources. Don't hesitate, join our rapidly growing and dynamic MMO community by signing up today! 

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