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Mounts are status symbols in WoW Classic. Getting an Epic Mount at level 60 is a real feat as few players are able to afford one, not to mention Buying multiple ones. Mounts that are not available from vendors, but instead come from rare drops from bosses or from difficult quests are extremely rare, and having one is a reason to be proud. On Odealo, you can buy The Best and The Rarest WoW Classic Mounts and become recognizable and prized in capital cities of your faction. We prioritize the security of our clients, so all Mount Offers featured on this site are perfectly safe and posted by real and legit players.

Mount is a praised commodity and a status symbol

Even after over 15 years of modern MMORPGs, WoW Classic's Azeroth is still one of the bigger ones out there. Moreover, there are game mechanics that make it feel even bigger than it actually is. Firstly, quest hubs are often far between and quest objectives are scattered around the map which forces players to travel a lot. While on the subject of traveling; secondly, flight paths are few and far between which limits their uses to inter-zone travel (just look at three Flightpaths in The Barrens - there are three and they cover less than 1/3 of the zone). And thirdly; the only convenient form of transportation, WoW Classic Mounts, is ground-based which means that players can't just B-line to objectives and are often forced to fight their way through enemies. On top of that, players don't have access to any WoW Classic Mounts until level 40 and they can't use the fastest versions until they reach level 60 and pay a very prohibitive price. Despite the high price tag an Epic Mount is a must-have for many players because the 100% movement speed increase that it provides makes almost every in-game activity much less time-consuming (players spend about 30% of their in-game time on travels and cutting off a portion of that time with a WoW Classic Mount is great, especially when one considers how much time he spends in-game overall). Being able to move around quickly makes gameplay more dynamic and, because of that, enjoyable; nobody likes being late to the party after all.

WoW Classic Mounts FAQ

  • How much do Mounts cost? - Level 40 WoW Classic Rare Mount costs 80g (can be lowered to 64 with discounts) and Riding Skill costs 20g (can be lowered to 16 with discounts) to learn. Level 60 WoW Classic Epic Mount costs 1000g (can be lowered to 800 with discounts).
  • How to get discounts? - The first 10% discount is available from the beginning of phase 1 and is granted after achieving an Honored reputation with the Faction that you want to buy Mount from. The second 10% discount is granted for obtaining Rank 3 in PvP, which is possible from Phase 2 onwards. These discounts do not stack, which means that you'll get a 20% price reduction in total.
  • Are there any Mounts I can get without paying? - In Phase 1, there are Reins of the Deathcharger that drop from Baron Rivendare, the last boss of Stratcholme. The drop chance is very low and the roll will always be heavily contested as they provide you with one of the rarest WoW Classic Mounts. Moreover, Rivendare's Deathcharger is Rare which means that it gives just a 60% movement speed increase. The other two Mounts that can be dropped (Swift Razzashi Raptor and Swift Zulian Tiger) are Epic (+100% speed), but they are not available until Phase 4; they are rare Zul'Gurub drops.
  • Is it true that Paladins and Warlocks get "free" level 60 Mounts? - Yes and no. Technically, they receive their mounts as quest chain rewards which means that they do not pay for them, but chains themselves require a lot of money to complete (still less than Epic mount, though).
  • Why can't I use abilities while Mounted, is it a bug? - It is one of the features of Classic. In Vanilla, players had to manually dismount before using any of their abilities (this was changed in later expansions) and it remains the same way in Classic because of the "no changes" policy. To work around it, you can add a dismount macro to your abilities or download an addon that will dismount you every time you use an ability. Thanks to this your WoW Classic Mount will no longer prevent you from using abilities.
  • How to get Mount money quickly? - We have a guide that will answer that question for you, just check the "articles" tab. Alternatively, you can take advantage of one of our offers - they are the best way of getting Cheap WoW Classic Mounts.
  • Is there a way of getting a Horde Mount on Alliance's side or vice versa? - Yes, there is. In Phase 4, two dropable Epic Mounts become available from Zul'Gurub Raid. One is modeled after a Raptor (Troll Mount) and another is a  reskinned Night Elf's Tiger. If you don't want to wait until Phase 4 and you are an Alliance player, you can obtain Deathcharger from Baron Rivendare in Stratcholme.

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