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[PS4]⭐️Elite Dangerous Credits - Instant Delivery ⭐️

[PS4]⭐️Elite Dangerous Credits - Instant Delivery ⭐️


[PS4]⭐️Elite Dangerous Credits - Instant Delivery ⭐️ - image
1 999
  • 20 mins.
  • 04:07:24
Actual price 0.40 for 100000000 Credits
Units Discount rate Price / 1 unit
1 0% 0.40
Total price 0.40 for 100000000 Credits
Discount rate: 0%
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MINIMAL PURCHASE IS 5 Billion, any order with lower sum will be cancelled, thank you for understanding

Please specify your availability times, as the trade requires for us both to be present and actively trading.

The delivery will be done via carrier - I will provide you with the location and you come to the carrier on the Type-9 Heavy (or if you don't have it, you can get it on my carrier). You will be buying the items at 5% value and selling them to me for 1000%.
Please make sure before trade that you have fired your flight crew members, as they make take a % in terms of fee.

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