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[] 42LVL/ EU EOD/70kk+ value stash account/check the screenshots

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Make yourself a present by obtaining a great EFT account and have a great weekends by playing your favourite game without any difficulties!

Personal EOD account. Сomes with its own e-mail. No 3rd party software was used.

-Lvl 42
-All trader crowns (except Fence)
-Twitch Rivals armband
~12 flea market reputation, 1 scav reputation,
-Epsilon and Gamma containers
-Bitcoin farm lvl 2 (25 GPUs in farm, 4 in stash), full hideout (except solar panel)
-Red Rebel icepick
- ~28 mln roubles in-cash, ~21k USD, ~70kk stash value
-2 SICCs full of Interchange/Customs/Shoreline/Reserve/Labs/Interchange/Lighthouse keys, 314 marked room key/merin car trunk key/black lab card obtained
-THICC Items Case, 2x Scav Junkboxes,Medicine case, grenade cases , money case, dogtags case,3x THICC weapon case ,Mr.Holodilnick thermobag
2x ammo cases with top-tier ammo, check the screenshots
-A LOT of unsold equipment. such as:
1)4x Slicks, ~10 6sh118 backpacks
2)3x REAP-IR thermal sights
3)A lot of streamer items, check the screenshots.

PM me for any questions! If i don't answer immediately, that means i'm sleeping/didn't hear the notification.

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