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⭐LAB Carry ❤️6Sh118 + Rigs ⭐Access All Rooms⚡ Live Stream!⚡

⭐LAB Carry ❤️6Sh118 + Rigs ⭐Access All Rooms⚡ Live Stream!⚡

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⭐LAB Carry ❤️6Sh118 + Rigs ⭐Access All Rooms⚡ Live Stream!⚡ - image
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⭐⭐⭐The Lab Carry Service⭐⭐⭐

How do we do this?

  1. I'll take you somewhere safe after joining the raid together
  2. I'll kill everybody on the map and bring you all the stuff
  3. If something goes wrong with the raid, we'll enter the raid again(FREE)
  4. If there is a bad loot, we will leave the raid and join the new one. (FREE)


  1. - This service will get you a successful raid completion
  2. - Your account always is safe. You will NOT be banned!
  3. - You will get all the stuff from the raid.
  4. - If the raid fails, we will start next raid for free.
  5. - Average raid time: 12-35 minutes.
  6. - You will have priority for all the loot in the raid (Dead PMCs, valuable items and raiders).
  7. - After you are fully looted, you will extract from the raid with me.
  8. - This service is done via the self-play method (you play your PMC with me).
  9. - I will carry you if you even get kicked for high ping. It's not a problem.

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