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Therapist Quests (account share)

Therapist Quests (account share)

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Enter the name of the game character

Check the possibility of order fulfillment before payment.

If you do not have a quest yet, but you want to buy it, then you need to get the task and only then we can complete it, for this you need to do the previous quests.

Deadline: check with the operator.

- the service involves the share account
- you must have an active account in Escape from Tarkov
- do not log into your account until the end of the order to avoid getting a ban for share account

Before buying, you must have a certain level, which requires a quest. With us you can order leveling or pump yourself. Then we will be able to complete your task.

We do not use any cheats, hacks or abuses.
All items and equipment that drop during the leveling remain on your account.

Note: Do not forget to change your password after completing the boosting. After completing the order, the operators will never be left to ask you for your account password

Important: if you need other services or goods in EFT, please contact the operator

We can deliver any item in the game. Contact the operator.

Business Hours - 7:00 am - 01:00 am GMT + 2

Shanghai - 12:00 - 6:00
New York - 00:00 - 18:00
Moscow - 7:00 - 1:00

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