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Interchange Carry/Reserve Carry/Shoreline Carry/Customs / Interchange/Reserve /Shoreline

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  • 20 mins.
  • 07:02:10
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Detailed instructions about the raid

1) Join the Map lobby and start searching for a group.

2) After loading on the map, follow me to the safe place, i'll hide you
3) When I'm done collecting the most expensive items on the map, i will come back to you and bring you to the nearest extraction point

4) If you have too high ping and keep disconnecting, you need to tell me about it, and after i'm done with looting, i will tell you when you need to press reconnect

More Info

Available for US/EU Servers

loot will have found in raid mark.

Raid NOT count if I fail, we will start a new one, as nothing happened :).

The number of expensive things on the map does not depends of me, it's fully random.

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