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5$=30,000 MIX TRAPS 144 GODROLL | XBOX/PS4/PC - image
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AndreasJoe Fast & Cheap

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  • After purchasing, please write me your Epic name in a private message in odealo.

  • After adding as a friend, you will join me on the party in Fortnite and receive your purchased items.

We are the fastest on the site, as well as with good support.

If I don't answer you, then don't worry. Most likely I am asleep, as sometimes I do not work at night. But from early in the morning I always get up and complete orders, so do not be afraid to order, the next day I will wait for you as long as necessary.


Hello and welcome to buy in our store! You can buy an item from us that has not been added to the sales list, just write to us in a private message and you will find out everything!

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We care about your and our safety more than any other seller. The most important thing for us is a fast and reliable transfer of our items to your account.

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  • The delivery time for our items is usually less than 5 minutes after payment (not including technical problems with the server, etc.).

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  • When does your store open?
    We are working from 9AM(CET) to 8PM (CET)
  • What do you do the rest of the time? Can I place an order?
    Yes! The rest of the time we take orders to the next day.

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