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Voidbend Armor Full Set (Heavy/Medium)

Voidbend Armor Full Set (Heavy/Medium)

SA - Dilmun

Voidbend Armor Full Set (Heavy/Medium) - image
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HEAVY set = constitution main stat / MEDIUM = dexterity main stat / LIGHT = strength main stat(some of the materials needed for the light set are not in the game yet so it can't be crafted just yet)

Voidbent armor set is a Tier 5, Legendary rarity endgame gear in New World with a gear score of stunning 600. The game offers three categories of voidbent armors: Light, Medium, and Heavy armor. Each set contains five pieces of gear, and each of these pieces must be crafted individually to complete the set.

Crafting a voidbent armor set is a serious grind, and it requires certain high-level rare items, and some maxed level skills for the process.

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