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Flux 1 million = 1.5$

Flux 1 million = 1.5$


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  • 23:54:27
Actual price 0.15 for 100000 Flux
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1 0% 0.15
Total price 0.15 for 100000 Flux
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transfer through the market


If you bought 20m, put up any item on trove marketplace for 20,00x,xxx (x=any number)

write me item name,price,amount

in 5-10 mins i will buy your item if i near PC

1 unit=100k flux

You can buy flux while im offline or unavailable, i will buy your item after i come back (1-3 hours if i walk or 1-8 hours if i sleep)

Work time: 

Moscow time 13:00-1:00 (+/-)

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