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Animal Crossing New Horizons 100 Nook Miles Tickets

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1 stack(10tickets) is 0.65USD,Min amount is 10,thats equal 100Tickets,means 6.5USD for 100Tickets Animal Crossing Switch 100 Nook Mile Tickets (10 stacks)

Instructions: Please send me a message with your island name and Dodo Code so I can join your island for the trade!

1. Go to Dodo Airlines (south part of the map, by the coast). Advance your game time by a day if you just started the game. (needs to be day 2 or later)

2. Select "I want visitors"

3. Select "Via online play"

4. Select "Invite via Dodo Code".

5. Select "The more the merrier" Please message me with any requests! I have all the items in animal crossing! Feel free to message me and I`ll try to get back to you within 10 minutes!

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