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If you decide to play Diablo 3 on a competitive level and make your way up the Ladderboards you will definitely have to grind up levels to reach the player's ultimate goal of being number one. First of all, you should understand how the entire character level system works in D3. Initially, you will aim to reach the maximum base player level which is 70. At that point, you are able to get and equip any Item in the game including class-specific Sets which are the core of each build. After you reach level 70, you will be getting experience points for Paragon Levels, which scale your power basically indefinitely (well, up to the point where actually getting new levels doesn't take weeks to achieve). Leveling up the first Paragons is really fast, and as you grind up in Greater Rifts it also feels quite smooth, though getting stuck without proper equipment may slow the process down. Either way, regular players easily reach few thousands of Paragon levels over the course of a single season, and that's even without help from professional Power Levelers that carry you through high Greater Rifts. You may also ask, what exactly is Power Leveling? Power Leveling in Diablo 3 and other MMO games is a reference to the process of Boosting one's level in a very short period of time. This is nearly always done thanks to the assistance of high-level, well-geared players, called Boosters, or Power Levelers, that breeze through Areas, and the person that is getting the Power Leveling receive insane amounts of experience in a short time, which would be otherwise impossible to get. This is often used to quickly progress in MMORPG games by players that may not have enough time (or determination) to grind low-level content, complete the Campaign, etc. Power Leveling in Diablo 3 can save you nearly half a day of leveling up to level 70, and if you are getting some extra equipment from the Booster, this can save you a couple of days of struggle.

Basically, in Diablo 3 your character level is tied to a single character, so if you want to try out another character class, you will have to level up a completely new character. However, Paragon Levels are shared between all your characters in the same game mode. This makes it very convenient for players that like to experience with builds and try out different classes. If you find a good Booster, just ask him to keep the game open as you switch between characters so that you level up all the classes that you want. The process is very fast when you both are already experienced in this kind of service and can be all done in a single game, with the Booster continuously opening new Nephalem Rifts on Torment VI for the fastest leveling. 

So you may ask yourself why would you want to get Power Leveled to level 70 so fast? Why not enjoy the campaign and slowly reach the maximum level on your own? The answer is simple. The real fun and challenge start when you are level 70 and you can compete with other Players, complete your Seasonal Journey for cosmetic and account-bound rewards, and more. While the Legendaries on lower levels are also useful and provide their "full" Legendary powers, and can be also extracted in Kanai Cube, you will want to do all that after level 70. With a good Booster, you should be able to reach level 70 in under one hour, and the player boosting you will be able to already start collecting some Items for you - even if that's just a few Legs on the way there. Buying Power Leveling can get you running in no time. There are several ways of getting Power Leveled in Diablo 3 which are in short described below:

  1. Power Leveling done by a friend or Booster - the fastest and most reliable way. It basically requires a high-level person with good equipment that can carry you through Torment VI Rifts (or other zones, though Rifts are easily accessible and reliable for that purpose). Some people can have friends that will do it for them, others will ask the community for it, and rest may just save some time and pay a couple of bucks for getting it done by a pro;
  2. Cow Event in Nephalem Rift - in theory, it's the fastest way possible, however, it's only available if you have someone that has found the Ghost of the Cow King in a Rift that starts the Event. It's quite rare, but assuming you have someone that found it and wants to share it with you, you will be able to reach level 70 in literally one minute. After finding the NPC, you would need the game hoster to lower the difficulty level to Torment VI, invite you in and have you stay by the entrance for the duration of the event. Experience is just about enough to get from level 1 to 70;
  3. Leveling solo using Items with the reduced level requirement - if you already have a high-level character, and you have literally no one around to help you, you should be still able to get your character to level 70 relatively fast using Legendary Items with reduced level requirements and Legendary Gem: Gem of Ease. For example getting an Ancient Legendary Weapon, reducing the level requirement to 1 by transmuting the Weapon with Gem of Ease in Kanai Cube will allow you to use it on a freshly created character. If you have another higher level Gem of Ease in your possession, just socket it inside to get insane amounts of additional Experience Points. It's best to have some other equipment prepared as well so that you don't die too quickly on levels 60 and higher. Don't forget you also get to spend Paragon Points on the freshly created characters, which greatly helps during the leveling phase.

While there are a lot of available Power Leveling options for Diablo 3 Players, buying it with real money is usually the fastest and most reliable method. It's not guaranteed that your friends will be online to help you when you need it, the community will often do it for free, but you never know how long you will need to ask around and check chat - with Boosters that do it for money, you are to expect full 24/7 availability. No to mention that Power Leveling on Odealo is offered for sale by professional gamers. These are the best and most experienced players who will instruct you how to behave to make the process effortless and fast. You can buy Power Leveling and Boosting Services in Diablo 3 on Odealo, which supports player-to-player trading with the use of real cash. And since you are buying services from regular players, you are to expect great prices, prompt delivery, and the highest security level of your transaction. After all, dealing directly with sellers who know exactly what they are doing is the way to go. Go to Odealo now to buy Power Leveling in Diablo 3! Odealo has open markets on all game platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch - though you should make sure the specific sellers offer his services on your desired one!

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