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Last Oasis Flots

One might think that a post-apocalyptic world will not have an economic system worth talking about, maybe except for a few survivors engaging in barter trades to exchange the last few mementos of the world long passed. In the Last Oasis, however, this is not the case. The game features a well-thought and fully flashed out economy based on Trading Stations (more on them later) and the main in-game currency called Last Oasis Flots. This economic system brings some order to the world that fell apart after a global-scale disaster. You might even say that Flots is what makes the world of Last Oasis turn... except it doesn't turn*. It is based on actual supply and demand relations, which means that prices respond to players' actions and can (and will) fluctuate as time passes. There are a lot of opportunities for making Last Oasis Currency if you know how to take advantage of (or even exploit) the system. 

*The post-apocalyptic world we know from the Last Oasis is the result of a cataclysm caused by the stoppage of Earth's rotation. This stoppage has resulted in one side of the Earth being a cold dark ice desert and the other being a scorched hellhole devoid of water in any shape. The only habitable zone that remains is the narrow belt between the two sides that features constant dusk (or dawn, depending on the way you look at it). This habitable area is where Trade Stations can be found and players can take their part in building the post-apocalyptic economy based on the Last Oasis Flots. 

Trading Stations and Economy

Survival is the name of the game in the Last Oasis. Life-giving Oases are few and far between, which forces nomad clans to fight desperate battles for both survival and control over Trade Stations that are built in them. Trade Stations are structures enveloped with a Safe Zone which ensures that no violence happens within them. The most important parts of Trade Stations are their Trading Tables on which all transactions are conducted (each Station has multiple available Tables, so it is able to accommodate numerous traders ar once). The known stations are connected with a trade network, but the prices of goods vary from one to the other. The price fluctuations depend on the supply and demand; if an asset is available locally, its price will be low, but if it is scarce or not available in the area, it will be very pricy. This means that Traders can purchase something at one station, transport it to another station where it's much more valuable, and sell it at a considerable profit. Each station collects a 20% tax from each sale, however, which makes making money by Trading quite tricky sometimes, but there is also the other side of this coin; If a clan controls a Station, all tax money from it goes to that clan's pocket, which means that the more of them a clan controls, the more Last Oasis Flots it is able to make from taxes. 

How to get Last Oasis Flots

There are a lot of ways of obtaining Last Oasis' main currency, and all of them involve visiting a Trade Station at some point (in the vanilla game at least; things might change as the project develops). While flipping (our favorite way of making currency in any online game) can be very lucrative, just like in pretty much all other MMO games that feature a player-driven economy, the 20% sales tax often turns out to be overly prohibitive and disappointingly limiting. Luckily, there are other, already proven, ways of making Last Oasis Flots: 

  • Farming Pearls - This method is one of the most convenient available because pearls can be found in dried-out and semi-dried-out pools of water, and these are, most of the time, a part of larger oases in which Trading Stations are situated. This advantageous placing reduces the travel time to an absolute minimum and lets you maximize your hourly profits. The quick step-by-step summary of this method is as follows: 1 - Choose pools of water as close to a Trading Station as possible. 2 - Search sandy, dried-out areas and shallow waters for pearls; pick all of them up. 3 - After you fill up your inventory or clear the place out of pearls, head to the Trading Station and sell the pearls to make a lot of Last Oasis Flots. If no one else is farming in your chosen place, you should easily be able to collect over 600 pearls in one hour, which will give you a nice influx of money. 
  • Farming Cattails - This method requires you to have a spider walker with Forager Modules mounted (Forager Modules allow your walker to automatically harvest foliage when traveling at slow speeds; effects of each subsequent Forager Modules mounted on a walker stack), so it has much higher requirements than the previous one. The quick step-by-step summary of this method is as follows: 1 - Get a Spider Walker and mount at least 3 Forager Modules on it. 2 - Locate an Oasis and head to its ponds. 3 - Run through the ponds of water, harvesting all foliage along the way. 4 - When your and your walker's inventories are both full, head to the nearest Trading Station and sell the harvest to make a nice amount of Last Oasis Flots. Your profits made with this method will depend on the current market situation and the number of storage modules you have unlocked. 
  • Farming Obsidian - A very demanding (both technology-wise and supply-wise), but also a very profitable method that requires you to work with your friends/clanmates if you want to make the most out of it (doing it solo is possible, but it will yield much less profit that way). First of all, you will need to research the Water Hose and get yourself a high-capacity walker (at least a medium-sized one, like a Toboggan Walker, which is a standard merchant's vessel designed with carrying space in mind) as well as a quality Pickaxe, and some carrying capacity-increasing potions which will increase your efficiency. The quick step-by-step summary of this method is as follows: 1 - Head out into the wasteland and look for the pools of Magma. 2 - After you find one, spray it with water from your Water Hose to turn it into Obsidian. 3 - Use your pickaxe to harvest as much Obsidian as your Walker can carry; use Potions to speed up the process. 4 - Head to a Trading Station and sell the Obsidian for a substantial number of Last Oasis Flots (take advantage of your Walker's mobility and pick the Station that offers the highest price, even if it is far away). If you have friends/clanmates helping you, you will be able to split the tasks between all of you (watering magma and harvesting Obsidian simultaneously) which will greatly speed up the whole process. 
  • Getting Flots from a proven outside source - You can safely Buy Last Oasis Flots on Odealo and never again worry about your pockets being empty. Doing this will allow you to save a lot of time, which is the most precious thing you have; don't waste it on farming, especially if your play-hours are limited because of your real-life obligations. With our help, getting a quality walker and modifying it to suit your needs, or equipping your character with high-end tools and gear becomes very easy and extremely fast. 

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