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Tibia Market

If you live somewhere in Sweden, Germany, Poland, or Brasil and are over 25 years old, chances are Tibia was your first MMORPG. This 2d Classic MMO is with us since 1997 and is still receiving regular updates! Yes, even after almost 25 years Tibia is still being developed and the devs are releasing two major patches a year; A Winter Technical Update that often introduces new mechanics, quality of life improvements, and even whole in-game systems; and a Summer Update that is always associated with the introduction of new hunting spots, and sometimes features whole new regions and even continents. As you can imagine, after over 24 years of constant development, the game has become absolutely massive and some players have accumulated unimaginable wealth - some veterans couldn't spend all their gp (gold coins) on the Tibia Market even if they wanted. If you'd like to start your Tibia adventure but don't know what to expect, here is a brief summary of its most important features: 

  • Tibia is free-to-play but features a premium account system and an item shop full of cosmetics and other useful assets. Nothing stops you from playing for free and purchasing PACC (premium account) for the in-game currency you've collected yourself. 
  • There are four vocations (classes) to choose from: Sorcerers - focused on offensive and destructive magic, adept in using Fire, Energy, and Death spells; Druids - masters of supporting and healing magic, adept in using Ice, Earth, and Life spells; Paladins - True masters of long-range combat and wielders of the Holy magic; Knights - Hand-to-hand combat experts, capable of withstanding a lot of damage. 
  • An old-school Skill system - Your character's power comes not only from his Level and Equipment but also from his Skills and Magic Level; these have to be leveled up separately by using appropriate weapons, a shield, or spending mana on spells. Owners of the premium account can also train their skills while offline, with some restrictions, however. 
  • Vast Game World - after over 24 years of content updates, Tibia features one of the biggest multi-level maps out of all MMORPGs. Tibia's world is full of dangerous monsters, beautiful landscapes, dark dungeons, secrets waiting to be discovered, and puzzles remaining to be solved. 
  • Quests - Tibia's missions are not your typical MMO grind fests. They are much more similar to questlines known from Runescape - most Tibia Quests feature a lot of lore, puzzles, intrigues, difficult choices, and deadly encounters. 
  • Raids and Events - Tibia's cities will sometimes be attacked by armies of monsters. You can aid the city's defenders to fight back Orcs, Pirates, Undead, and other nightmares - depending on which city you live in. 
  • Multiple in-game systems - At its core, Tibia is a grindy game but it has a lot of mechanics that make grinds exciting and worthwhile. There are also hundreds of available Achievements. Some of them are easy, some others extremely difficult to obtain. 

The Rarest Items on the Tibia Market

The high age of the game means that some seasoned players own assets that are no longer available, or were never really available in the first place - some of these are very old contest rewards, community awards, or items looted before the loot tables were polished out - for example, the Great Shield dropped from Dragon Lords in the olden days when Antica was simply known as "Tibia". If you've ever played the game, you know the names of these items, and you've probably seen them, either in locked Vaults of Edron, Ankrahmun, Kazordoon, or even in someone's house on Antica. The rarest Tibia Items and stories behind them are: 

  • Crown - In real life, crowns are part of a King's regalia and a commoner can only dream of owning one. In Tibia, the situation is almost exactly the same - a single Crown can be seen on the Isle of the Kings. However... one Crown is actually owned by a player; here's the story behind it - Knightmare (a GM, map dev, quest designer, and later an official CipSoft employee) was holding a giveaway on Antica in 2000 during which he threw the Crown into the gathered crowd. It was purchased from the lucky player who managed to pick it up by Lightbringer - one of the most famous item collectors in Tibia. Since then, it changed hands on multiple occasions and now remains in the hands of one of Antica's items collectors. 
  • Blessed Shield - Back in the day, players were dreaming about owning this amazing Shield as it was rumored to grant divine protection (it even claims to do that in the tooltip). Most of the players haven't seen one of these at all, and none was available on Tibia Market to date. For many, the only confirmation it exists is the fact that an NPC called H.L. buys it for a mere 650 gold pieces. This is because there's only one Blessed Shield in the game - originally given to Elleshar as a reward for his work on Tibia's textures. It was one owned by Lightbringer. If you want to see the Blessed Shield, you must create a character on Antica and visit Sheepyy's house in Thais (we don't know how it came into his possession, but he claims he's a "Tibia rares collector", so he probably just purchased it from the previous owner). 
  • White Dress - We can be sure of the existence of one of these dresses, as it can be seen on the display in one of the shops located in Venore. The NPC who owns the shop won't tell us how to make or obtain it, sadly (it would be too easy, wouldn't it?). However, a rumor has it that a player called Miujau also owned one - how did she come into its possession, we don't know as White Dress is believed to be unobtainable. In 2017, White Dress was sold on the Tibia Market for 55000000gp which makes it one of the most expensive items in MMORPGs as a whole (In 2017, 55kk gold pieces were worth somewhere around 1900 dollars). 
  • Dragon Scale Legs - Before the introduction of the Falcon Greaves, these were the best legs available in the game, however, "available" is a strong word; While the previous three items were one-offs, there are actually three pairs of Dragon Scale Legs which makes them a bit less rare but still impossibly hard to obtain through Tibia Market. All three pairs were given by the Gods (the Tibia Devs, actually) as a present to players who were believed to deserve them (or, in one case, were just extremely lucky). The first pair was given to the player called Lostboy for his dedication in the control of the game's original house system (back in the day, each house had a physical key and the key owner could freely open and close the door. Lostboy had all the keys and all houses were originally purchased from him). The second pair was awarded to the player called Pskonjeott for his immense help in tracking down bugs and the overall dedication to Tibia's community. The third pair was received by the player called Abertt for becoming the 10000th Premium Account buyer in Tibia - he was given a choice of multiple different extremely rare items and has chosen these legs. Dragon Scale Legs can also be seen in the Kazordoon vault. 
  • Magic Longsword - A legendary sword created by the most talented of the enslaved Cyclop smiths to overthrow their captor - an evil god Brog (thus, the weapon's nickname "Godslayer"). For a very long time, it was the most powerful, non-throwable, weapon in Tibia (with an exception of the Ice Rapier which is one use only and doesn't really count). Nowadays, there are weapons with higher attack stats and additional powerful effects, but none of them is nearly as rare as the granddaddy Magic Longsword. In the first two instances of players obtaining this fabled item, it was actually destroyed by CipSoft and the lucky founders have received compensations (this is unprecedented, as far as we know). The third lucky recipient of the Magic Longsword was Hagbard; he was awarded the sword at Tibia Convention in Germany - this specimen is the only Magic Longsword owned by a player to this day. Hagbard sold it on an auction for 5.5 million gp (which sounds laughable nowadays but was a lot of money back in the day). A hard-to-believe story is associated with that purchase - it even made it into the game, you can read it in in-game books "Legendary Curses VII.I" and "Legendary Curses VII.II". For some time, the Magic Longsword's owner was renting it to trustworthy players for 50 thousand gold pieces. A rumor has it that it was sold via the in-game Tibia Market for whopping 13 billion gold pieces a couple of years ago. 

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