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Snow Minion Pack - Best price

Snow Minion Pack - Best price

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Although Snow Minions are the fastest non t11 minion in Hypixel SkyBlock, they are just used as a method of skill xp. It is not recommended to use snow minions for Coins like Clay Minions, but they have the capability to generate a little more coins. If you use an Enchanted Lava Bucket, a Diamond Spreading, and a Compactor or Super Compactor 3000 it will generate 2,492 coins every hour when sold to NPC and quite a bit more (unless a Super Compactor 3000 is used) to the Bazaar. Diamond Spreadings are especially important for the snow minion because instead of producing 1 extra Diamond occasionally, it will produce 4, providing a still subpar money method as diamonds can be sold to the bazaar or NPC for coins. Use medium or large minion storage as this minion fills up much faster than clay minions, even with a Super Compactor 3000. If you don't check the minion often enough consider using budget hoppers or enchanted hoppers which automatically sell extra minion outputs for a part of the NPC sell price (50% for budget, 90% for enchanted).


Hi, i am 19 years old and i have been playing minecraft since i was little. Now I have mastered detecting the algorithm of the servers and if you prefer me in your purchases and follow what I say to the letter, your probability of being banned will 0. If you buy items from someone other than me, my warranty will expire.


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