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Wither Skeleton (LEGENDARY)

Wither Skeleton (LEGENDARY)

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The methods that I use is trading! I cannot say that its 100% Safe although the chances are extremely low, since I'll guide you on how to do it safely. If the delivery is SUPER late I will give a few Million coins depending on how long it takes for me to deliver, or you can request a refund! If I'm on odealo it can be Instant Deliver.


The Wither Skeleton Pet I will be delivering is at a random level, it varies from level 1-100. Keep in mind sometimes I'll level it up a bit before delivering. All the pets I deliver has 0 Pet Candy used.

This Pet is one of the best pets for Archers! The damage with this Wither Skeleton Pet is insane! If you need something for F1-F7 Dungeon this is something for you. In floor 7 Boss Round there are only Wither Skeleton mobs! If the Pet is level 100 you'll take 30% Less damage from Skeletons and deal 50% more damage to Wither Mobs
If you have any issues or questions, feel free to message me on odealo. Thanks!

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