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Big bonus 25% or 30% price $2.18 for 12.5M Bulma store opening promotion only for first 20 customers

Big bonus 25% or 30% price $2.18 for 12.5M Bulma store opening promotion only for first 20 customers

1 - PC

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Actual price 2.29 for 10000000 Coins
Units Discount rate Price / 1 unit
1 - 9 0% 2.29
> 9 5% 2.18
Total price 2.29 for 10000000 Coins
Discount rate: 0%
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How Does The Promotion Work?

Hello everyone interested in participating in our mega opening promotion, remembering that the promotion is only valid for the first 20 customers received 25% + coins when purchasing any amount.
When buying 10 units or more, the bonus is 30% with our discount.

Example = 1 units - 12.5M

Example = 2 units 25M

Example = 3 units - 37.5M

Example = 10 units - 130M + Discounts



I can't say that transfer methods are 100% safe to protect against banning, but I believe my methods bring maximum security to our clients, the safer a transfer is, best for me and my customers, we will do everything to ensure that our customers are not banning, as banning will harm our customer and our store's reputation. My team and I will do the best we can with the best security!

1- I work with 3 methods of delivery and transfer of coins - Items that can be auctioned by the customer, diamond blocks, day blocks, swords, bows, pets, anything you can safely trade.

I will bid on the amount of coins you have purchased + the item price + the tax price

2- Box AH - You will list a special item [Fish, New Year's Cakes, Pie]

3- Method, if the purchase amount is equal to or less than 50 million, I can pay the amount per trading request of your stock!


Delivery time.

1-Our delivery time varies from 5 to 30 minutes, if you are more than 30 minutes late I will give an extra late bonus so you don't lose any customer.

2-After purchase, send us a message with the name of your account you want to receive the coins, so we can buy the auctioned item


(Price and stock + bonus!)

I also give good bonuses that will not let you be on the sidelines,

Price and promotions

1 unidade = 12.5+

million bonuses for all orders - 2.5+ million

5 units - 12.5+ mill
20 units - 50+ mill+Discounts
50 units - 140+ mil+Discounts

The value you have purchased exceeds 50 units, please negotiate with the seller. The amount of bonuses to be received

If you want to receive your coins quickly, don't buy if the seller is not online! Send the message first or wait for the seller to connect online.


Why do I give bonuses?

Our bonus program aims to retain your customers so that they can buy again in our store, and we are happy to be able to enter what pleases our customers.


I bought the coins, but you are offline. What can I do?

If you see the store closing, please flag on my profile that it means I'm sleeping, but if you want to buy from me, you can auction a SPECIAL ITEM for the money you bought + the bonus amount and tax rate



- Coins earned honestly
- good bonuses
- Support 18/7 (almost) from me, you can ask any question, I can always help you
- The safest of existing methods

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