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Nether Wart Farming script

Nether Wart Farming script

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Nether Wart Farming script - image
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The nether wart farming script will harvest nether wart fully automatically and comes with a variety of features, such as:

- up to 100M Coins per day on a 3 layer farm
- multiple failsafes and recovery features in the case of a disconnect or similar
- works with multiple layers of nether wart
- a ton of other features!

Requirements: A nether wart farm (duh) Any hoe with replenish, and a personal compactor with enchanted nether wart and mutant nether wart.


For the netherwart script to run properly, you'll want a 3 layer "S" Shaped netherwart farm. You'll need teleport pads at the start and end of each farm and cobblestone at the end of each row. This makes the script detect the end row and switch directions.

If you do have any other questions, please do message me.

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