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Cheap rune *** Cham Rune ***


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Project Diablo 2 Runes

The problem with the RNG-based looting system is the fact that you don't always get what you need. Luckily, in D 2, you can sway the odds in your favor by not relying on random unique drops and going for Project Diablo 2 Runes instead. You might think that it's equally RNG-heavy as just farming gear but's actually not. Firstly, if you know where to look for them, you are guaranteed to get some runes (random ones, but the method we'll show you is very consistent). Secondly, you know exactly what stats you will get as effects granted by runes and runewords are constant. Thirdly, obtaining socketed gear is much easier than you might think - Normal gear, sold by vendors, will sometimes have sockets; all you need to do to get it is relog a few times to force NPCs to update their stock and simply Buy socketed equipment. So, how to get Runes? There are two main sources - you can simply Buy Project Diablo 2 Runes on Odealo, or you can farm them. If you opt for the second option, which is by far more time-consuming, you will want to head out to Act I's Black Marsh. There, you will find a forgotten tower, ruled by The Countess - she resides on the 5th floor. She is a super-unique mob that has very high drop rates for Project Diablo 2 Runes (there is only about 1 in 64 chance that she will not drop any runes). Which makes her a perfect source of them. The rarity of Runes you can get will depend on your game's difficulty - the higher it is, the better Runes might drop. If you don't have time to spare, and you might need to spare a lot of it, please consider going for the first of the two options instead. 

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