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(PC)⭐Khora Prime Access⭐Whipclaw Pack⭐ 1050 Platinum ⭐

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✅ After purchase, you will receive this bundle directly to your account.
✅ This is an official purchase from the official Warframe store.
✅ No special requirements!

✔️ You will receive Whipclaw Prime Access Pack;
- 1050 Platinum
- Hytrix Prime
- Dual Keres Prime

How to get started?

Make a purchase => Provide your Warframe login credentials (not Steam, only Warframe) - email + password => wait until the item you ordered comes to your account (you will receive a confirmation email from the Official Warframe Store) => Confirm the delivery => Leave a reply :)

That's it!

For any further questions just ask me.

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