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ANY x2 Galvanized MOD

ANY x2 Galvanized MOD


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WTS Max Rank Galvanized Mod x 1 anyone of your choise

Available MODS (Rank10)

  1. Galvanized Acceleration
  2. Galvanized Aptitude
  3. Galvanized Chamber
  4. Galvanized Crosshairs
  5. Galvanized Hell
  6. Galvanized Shot
  7. Galvanized Diffusion
  8. Galvanized Savvy
  9. Galvanized Scope

FOR THIS TRADE Give me any Unwanted Relic or Unwanted Prime Junk.

General Tips, You can use FOR your own or Dissove in MOD Station to get 23000 ENDO. Its a Double Options.

Any suggessions or want to say anything plz msg before buy. Thanks ...

Delivery Time Depending on my Availability

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