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⭐️Discovery of planets before Sedna (offline) (without 100% completion)⭐️

⭐️Discovery of planets before Sedna (offline) (without 100% completion)⭐️


⭐️Discovery of planets before Sedna (offline) (without 100% completion)⭐️ - image
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Enter the name of the game character

Opening planets before Sedna without 100% completion of all locations on the planets, only key nodes.
Your account must be at least rank 5.
Passing the quest "War within" by agreement (it is not required to open Sedna).

The account for the time of driving is transferred to the driver (login and password).
Until the task is completed, you do not log into your account.
Screenshot confirmation.
The task is performed according to the scheme: Payment - account transfer - waiting for boost - confirmation of the transaction.

Terms are negotiated privately (usually up to 2 days).
The drive is carried out only manually and with maximum security (a one-time separate configuration that will be used only for your account).

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