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Dual Universe Quanta

The Economy in Dual Universe

Inflation is, by far, the biggest problem of MMORPG economies. In fact, it is big enough to make real-life economists scratch their heads. If you are a brand-new DU player and are worried that your Dual Universe Quanta will lose its value rapidly, we rush to inform you that this will (most likely) not be the case. Here is why: In "standard" theme park MMOs, money appears from thin air; mob drops, quest rewards, gathering professions, and many other things inject currency into the system (this is the biggest difference between in-game and real-life economies, as banks don't just give away newly-printed bills to everyone). In other words, each time you get a quest reward or loot something, you basically print money - gold you acquired did not exist a while ago. This causes the value of the in-game currency to drop drastically over time, as there is more and more of it coming into the system. As you can imagine, this is not a good thing and MMO developers implement various counters to this problem. These so-called money-sinks are designed to encourage (or force, in most cases) players to spend their in-game currency in a way that will remove it from the game forever. MMO features like paid transport, equipment repairs, gear upgrades, consumables, auction house fees, and others are all money-sinks. However, these work only to an extent and only slow the inflation (turning these "features" ap to eleven would stop it, but it would also make players quit the game because of "unfair economy").

In the Dual Universe, none of this exists. There are no quests that would award you with currency (with a notable exception of the tutorial, which is necessary). There are no NPCs and mobs that drop stuff when defeated. There are no "passive" sources of Dual Universe Quanta. The only thing that propels the DU economy is its players. This means that artificial inflation, caused by MMO-specific in-game features, is not a problem. This sounds like a perfect system, however, it has its own problems. It relies on a healthy player population, as there are no NPCs that can buy and sell stuff - everything is gathered, sold, bought, and processed by players. So, if there are no players, there is no Dual Universe Quanta circulating in the system. A model like this is also rather harsh for new players, as it is almost always dominated by more skilled and experienced veterans who are able to control the flow of the in-game currency and even dictate the prices.

To this point, Dual Universe's economy sounds like any other one known from the sandbox MMOs, however, there are some notable differences to it.

  • Firstly, the in-game world (or the universe, rather) of DU is made in a single shard technology. This means that there are no loading screens, layers (layer is a sub-server or a channel implemented to accommodate more players on a single server; players who play on the same server but are on different layers will not see each other or compete for resources, as each layer has a different pool of them), or instanced areas.
  • Every single in-game asset has to be built by players from scratch; there are no pre-built vehicles, ships, or structures in the Dual Universe. Everything you see, except terrain features, is fully player-built (possible connotations with a certain "boxy"  sandbox game are not unjustified...).
  • There are no quests or NPCs, which also means that there are no "infinite" Dual Universe Quanta sources; if you want to make money, you are forced to interact with other players. 
  • Stuff gathered by players does not respawn and is limited. If you mine a planet dry, it will stay dry forever. This means that the scarcity of resources will become a real problem as the game progresses and players will be forced to venture deeper and deeper into uncharted areas of space in pursuit of Dual Universe Quanta. 
  • All in-game trade hubs are player-driven and local. This means that the prices of goods will differ greatly from planet to planet and even from region to region. The demand-supply relation plays a key role in the Dual Universe and transporting goods between hubs can be very profitable. The main downside to this is the fact that the prices of goods will, most likely, fluctuate a lot because of the constantly changing supply and demand correlations (they should stabilize over time, however, after the market grows big enough to compensate for temporary shortages). 

More observant of you might have noticed a small problem here. Mainly, if everything is player-driven and there are no NPC-based sources of money, how does Dual Universe Quanta appear in the game? The answer is - some of the rules, imposed on the game by the developers to create a player-driven economy, are bent to inject some money into the system: 

  • New Players start with a limited amount of the in-game currency in their wallets. This is both necessary and healthy for the game as it ensures that new players have a somewhat easier start, and also injects a small amount of money into the economy,  each time a new player starts the game. 
  • While there are no quests that would award money, there are tutorials. These teach players how to operate in the game, and also give players some more starting quanta. This might sound contradictory to the "no quests" rule, but tutorials are necessary and small rewards that can be earned from them ensure that new players can actively participate in creating the game's economy right from the start. 
  • Not all assets posted up for sale in trade hubs are bought by players. Developers have implemented special bots that can buy a portion of goods and inject some Dual Universe Quanta into the game's economy in the process. While this solution basically prints money, it can be turned on and off at any moment and will stay in place only to ensure that the economy is healthy. You can think of these bots as the central bank that ensures a steady influx of currency into the system (some inflation is necessary for the economy to stay healthy, it is the hyperinflation which is bad). 

Making Dual Universe Quanta

In the Dual Universe, every in-game asset comes (directly or indirectly) from players. Raw goods are mined from the ground, and the processed ones are made out of the raw ones with the help of player-driven industries. This means that every player needs money because without it they will not be able to progress and purchase stuff they need (again, no quests = no quest rewards and "free" relevant stuff). Making a good profit in DU can be tricky, but there are some proven ways, some of which you can utilize right from the start: 

  • Completing the tutorial - While this does not give you a lot of Dual Universe Quanta, it gives just enough to make the start much easier. And it teaches you how the game works; DU is quite complicated, so there is a good chance that you will have no idea what to do if you don't invest some time into running through the tutorial. It will teach you how to scan the nearby area for resources, it will teach you how to extract them and refine them, it will give you an idea of how refined goods are processed into elements and how these elements work. Moreover, it will show you how the end-game stuff looks like and operates, which will give you more incentives to play and develop your character. Don't skip the tutorial, it's there for a reason. 
  • Mining - This is the main in-game moneymaking activity. Every player starts here and, most likely, never stops (but rather invests in it and industrializes his operations). At the start, you are forced to mine by hand, and mining by hand does not give you too much Dual Universe Quanta, however, if you develop your character properly (by training the relevant talents) and invest the money, you get early, in mining, you will be able to expand your operations rather quickly. The real profit from mining comes from the so-called supernodes which are, basically, millions of liters of raw goods stacked in one area, just waiting to be extracted. To spot these supernodes, you will need to invest in some technology - mainly, Territory Scanners which will allow you to skim whole areas for minable goods (these scanners can be mounted on a vessel in a way that will allow you to scan up to 3 different neighboring areas at once). 
  • Flipping and transporting goods - Prices of goods tend to fluctuate so it is possible to buy assets cheaply and sell them at a profit on a later date (this is done by simply placing buy orders on low-level goods and then placing sell orders on them after the buy orders are filled). Note: remember that you have to have storage space available in the market's vicinity to be able to buy and sell assets there. Moreover, all markets in the Dual Universe are local, which means that transporting goods between them can be very profitable - if you are able to move them in large enough quantities, that is (this can be dangerous when performed outside of the safe areas, however, the highest profit lays in moving goods from safe zones (where everything is cheap), to far corners of the universe (where everything is scarce and expensive). 
  • Outside Sources - Alternative ways of getting in-game currency will appeal to seasoned players who don't have a lot of time they can invest in the game but still want to fully enjoy it. You can Buy Dual Universe Quanta on Odealo. Doing this will allow you to focus on the most enjoyable aspects of the game, without the need for lengthy mining sessions. This is also one of the most time-efficient methods, as even a small investment will allow you to progress in-game by a lot and save you hours in the process. 

On Odealo, you can Buy Dual Universe Quanta, for real money, which is great news for those of you who can't spend multiple hours a day mining because of the real-life obligations. All offers featured on our website were verified, so quick delivery and transaction safety are guaranteed. By choosing Odealo, you choose years of experience, buyer and seller satisfaction, and a guarantee of the best prices. Don't hesitate, register today (registration and all tools available on our site come free of charge) and join our rapidly growing Dual Universe community. 

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