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Autobomber Void Knight Last Epoch Build

Autobomber Void Knight Last Epoch Build

One of the smoothest Void Knight builds out there that allows you to progress while monsters die automatically along the way


Devouring Orb Void Knight Build

Updated for Patch 0.8.5f

Build notes:
July 29, 2022
-Build created


Build Overview

Autobomber Void Knight is one of the most powerful, and most popular, Last Epoch Builds. For a good reason - it allows you to simply run through pretty much any type of content and obliterate everything on your path with auto-casting Anomaly and Devouring Orb. If you come by a stronger enemy, you simply nuke it with Smite and continue running... Sounds overpowered? Well, it might be slightly overpowered but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out! 

The featured build uses Devouring Orb to create multiple Abyssal Orbs that detonate, after seeking for enemies, dealing AoE Void Damage. It pairs it with Anomaly which offers a high increase to Life Leech and Crit Rate, to take care of both defense and offense. As a result, it's able to auto-kill monster packs without ever stopping. When it needs additional Mana, or where there's a Boss to kill, it uses Smite to deal high single-target damage and restore mana in the process. To bump up the build's Void Damage, even more, Sigils of Hope and Abyssal Echoes are also used. 

You can view the full build on the Last Epoch planner here: Autobomber Void Knight Build

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 Pros  Cons
 Amazing AoE damage   Lower mobility than the Shield Rush version (we take Abyssal Echoes instead) 
 Great survivability   You can get bored with this after a while 
 Viable for all types of content   


Passive Skill Trees

Sentinel Skill Tree
Sentinel Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Gladiator [1/5] - +30 Block Effectiveness and +3% Block Chance. We're interested in the Block Chance part, which doesn't scale with points so spending 1 here is enough. 
  2. Armour Clad [5/5] - +75 Armour, -10% Damage Taken From Nearby Enemies. The damage reduction is hard to pass up in any Sentinel-based build. 
  3. Time and Faith [5/5] - Regain 25 Health and 10 Mana when you directly use Smite, Rive, Vengeance, or Multistrike. We run Smite in this build, so this will give us some extra utility. 

Void Knight Skill Tree
Void Knight Skill Tree (72 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Abyssal Endurance [10/10] - Increases Health by 80, increases Void Resistance by +40%, and increases Physical Resistance by +40%. This will greatly improve our staying power and allow us to be a tad bit more aggressive with other passive choices. 
  2. Temporal Corruption [6/6] - +12 Void Damage. This Passive makes our Attacks and Spells deal additional Void Damage. Moreover, it converts Smite's Damage to Void which makes it synergize with Void-based passives and items. 
  3. Void Corruption [1/1] - Increases Critical Multiplier By 1% Per each Point Spent In Void Knight Passive tree. We want as much Crit Multiplier as possible and this gives us a lot at a price of just 1 Point. 
  4. World Eater [6/6] - 6% of Melee and Void Damage Leeched as Health. This gives us a lot of much-needed Life Leech and thus increases our survivability by quite a lot. 
  5. Void Bolts [8/8] - Increases Throwing Void Damage and Spell Void Damage by 16. This is a simple and effective way to bump up our Void Damage numbers. 
  6. Renouncement [5/5] - Increases Vitality by 5 and makes our Smite scale with Vitality, which is nice (we have 8 Vit from Sentinel Tree and 15 from Void Knight Tree). 
  7. Echoing Strikes [5/5] - Gives us a 10% chance that our Attacks will be echoed 1 second later. This basically is a 10% chance of repeating our attack, which is amazing. 
  8. Time Legion [5/10] - +5% Echo Chance, +15% Attack Speed, and a 10% Time Rot Chance. Time Rot reduces the enemy's Cast and Attack Speed by 15%, increases Stun Duration by 25%, and deals Void Damage over time. 
  9. Dread [15/15] - 120% increased Void Damage and 15% increased Movement Speed. This lets us take our Void Damage to a completely new level. 
  10. Avatar of Regret [1/1] - 10% extra Echo chance at the cost of 10% reduced Attack Speed and 10% increased Mana Cost of all Skills. Worth it. 
Paladin Skill Tree
Paladin Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Honour [1/5] - +40 Block Effectiveness, + 15 Stun Avoidance, and +2% Block Chance. We're interested in the Block Chance part, which doesn't scale with points so spending 1 here is enough. 
  2. Heavenfire [10/10] - +30 Adaptive Spell Damage when you have a Shield Equipped. We use a shield, so this will give us a very high DPS increase. 
Forge Guard Skill Tree
Forge Guard Skill Tree (1 Point)

Notable Passives:

  1. Steel Aegis [1/5] - +50 Block Effectiveness and +2% Block Chance. We're interested in the Block Chance part, which doesn't scale with points so spending 1 here is enough. 

As you can see, this passive build focuses on maximizing Damage and Survivability by securing nodes that provide Vitality, Block Chance, Void Damage, Adaptive Spell Damage, and Health Leech. Thanks to this, our Devouring orbs deal a lot of damage and we have enough staying power for the most challenging types of end-game content Last Epoch has to offer. 



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 


Smite - With our setup, Smite becomes a powerful Single-Target Skill that restores Mana on use, which helps a lot with the build's sustain. It deals a ton of damage, crits often, and when it crits, it just deletes enemies from existence. Thanks to Pillars of Light, it will also double cast over 1/3 of the time! Use it against more powerful enemies, such as Bosses. 

  1. Pillars of Light [3/3] - Provides a 36% chance to double cast. Extra casts generated by this don't cost mana. This provides a very high DPS increase for Smite. 
  2. Sacrifice [5/5] - +250% Damage at the cost of consuming 15% of your Current HP on cast. We want our Smite to be a nuke skill, so this is a must-have. The downside is manageable, especially with Atonement
  3. Atonement [3/5] - -60% Health Cost of Sacrifice. From 15% of your current HP down to 9% of your current HP. 
  4. Deep Impact [4/4] - +100% Crit Multiplier. With this, Smite's crits will hit like a truck. Also, imagine Double-Cast crits... 
  5. Conviction [5/5] - 10% increased Base Crit Chance at the cost of 25% slower Cast Speed. This has a severe downside, but the Crit Chance increase is too synergistic to pass up. 

Devouring Orb

Devouring Orb - This is the signature Skill of this build. With the featured setup, the Devouring Orb will orbit around you, deal massive Damage to everything it touches, and release homing Abyssal Orbs that will detonate after seeking for nearby enemies. With this, you can walk around and enemies will die around you, pretty much. You should have this on Auto-Cast. 

  1. Hollow Orb [1/1] - This makes Devouring Orb last 50% longer but successive Orbs do not gain Area or Damage anymore. 
  2. Abyssal Emission [1/1] - With this, Devouring Orb will create an Abyssal Orb every 3 seconds. Abyssal Orbs seek enemies and detonate, dealing AoE Void Damage. 
  3. Dark Torrent [5/5] - This increases the Frequency of creating Abyssal Orbs by 150%, which is insane. If you don't have extra Devouring Orb levels from gear, just put fewer points here. 
  4. Dark Moon [1/1] - Makes Devouring Orb orbit you at the cost of 50% reduced duration. The duration reduction is negated by the Hollow Orb mod. 
  5. Abyssal Rush [1/1] - +6% Attack, Movement, and Cast Speed when Devouring Orb is active. 
  6. Cosmic Impact [1/1] - Makes Devouring orb deal 80 Void Damage to everything it touches. 
  7. Extinction [5/5] - This increases Damage dealt by Devouring Orb by 200%, which makes it hit quite hard, actually. 
  8. Rift Caller [4/5] - With this, Damage dealt by Devouring Orb will penetrate through 40% of the enemy's Void Resistance. This effect works on Abyssal Orbs, which is amazing. 
  9. World Rot [4/4] - 20% extra Duration and +40% Time Rot chance. Time Rot is an ailment that deals Void Damage over time, increases stun duration by 3%, and stacks up to 12 times. 
Devouring Orb

Abyssal Echoes

Abyssal Echoes - This skill will allow us to deal even more Void Damage by spreading Abyssal Decay around. Hits from our Devouring Orb will make Abyssal Decay deal its damage immediately. 

  1. Turbulence [5/5] - 75% increased Abyssal Decay duration. Higher duration equals to more Damage over Time and more immediate damage when Abyssal Decay's on-hit effect is triggered. 
  2. Embrace the Darkness [2/4] - Using Abyssal Echoes now also gives us +10% Attack Speed and a +50% buff to our Damage over Time. 
  3. Vorpal Explosion [1/1] - +80% Damage. Simple yet effective. 
  4. Screaming Rifts [1/1] - This allows us to create Abyssal Rifts at the cursor location, which makes Abyssal EchoesAbyssal Echoes much more flexible. It also casts Abyssal EchoesAbyssal Echoes 3 times at the chosen location, which allows us to really bump up that Ignite Stacks! 
  5. Shrieking Echoes [2/2] - This adds 2 more Abyssal EchoesAbyssal Echoes casts. 
  6. Spreading Chaos [1/1] - This allows Abyssal Decay to spread among enemies. 
  7. Overwhelming Doom [1/1] - Increases the Spreading Distance of Abyssal Decay by 50% and allows it to spread on 2 additional Enemies. 
Abyssal Echoes


Anomaly - This is our second Auto-Cast ability. It synergizes with the Devouring Orb extremely well and makes the build feel unbelievably powerful. With Anomaly active, you'll have godly Health Leech, amazing Crit Rate, and Increased Cast Speed. 

  1. Time Bubble [1/1] - This makes Anomaly Create a Bubble, that slows enemies and increases their Void Damage taken for 5 seconds, on cast. This synergizes very well with Devouring Orb. 
  2. Manipulation [2/2] - +20% Attack and Cast Speed while standing inside of the Time Bubble. This lets us shorten our build-up time. 
  3. Time Eater [4/4] - This grants us 2% Health Leech (4% with Void Damage) while we remain inside of the Time Bubble. A very powerful effect that synergizes extremely well with the rest of our kit. 
  4. Void Maw [4/4] - Increases the effect of Health Leech by 200% while you remain inside of the Time Bubble. With this, our Health Leech can achieve insane levels. 
  5. Temporal Mastery [4/5] - +80% Time Bubble Duration. This is great as it significantly increases Time Bubble's up time. 
  6. Time Lord [1/1] - Time Bubble is now cast on our character and moves around with it, which makes it much more convenient to use. 
  7. Lingering Memory [1/1] - This makes enemies be affected by Time Bubble's effects for 2 seconds after they exit it. This allows us to run around and don't worry that enemies won't be affected by our Time Bubble as much. 
  8. Decimation [2/5] - Increases our Crit Chance by 60% while we remain in the Time Bubble. With Time Lord this is an unconditional Crit Chance increase for as long as Time Bubble is active. 

Sigils of Hope

Sigils of Hope - Summon a Sigil that will orbit you, increasing your and your allies' HP regeneration by 25%, and causing you and your allies to deal additional Fire Damage with attacks and spells. Thanks to Decree of Fire and Sigils of Despair (pairing these two provides us with a nice Void Damage increase), this ability synergizes very well with our Devouring OrbDevouring Orb and Abyssal EchoesAbyssal Echoes

  1. Iron Sigils [5/5] - Increases your and your Armor by 200 per active Sigil and offers a solid boost to our defenses because of that. 
  2. Enduring Hope [5/5] - Makes your Sigils last 10 seconds longer. Maxing this makes Sigils of HopeSigils of Hope much more efficient at what it does. 
  3.  Tetragram [1/1] - Increases the maximum number of Sigils by 1. Sigils of Hope's effects scale with the number of active Sigils, so this is a must-have. 
  4. Empowering Sigils [4/5] -  Grants +24% Damage per Active Sigil to you and your allies. Can't pass up a damage increase this high. 
  5. Last Wish [1/1] - Killing an enemy gives you a 6% chance to summon a Sigil. 
  6. Decree of Flame [3/3] - Adds Fire Damage per Active Sigil. 
  7. Sigils of Despair [1/1] - Converts Fire Damage provided by Sigils to Void Damage and increases Void Damage per Active Sigil. This makes Sigils of HopeSigils of Hope synergize with our Devouring OrbDevouring Orb and Abyssal EchoesAbyssal Echoes and is the whole reason why we take it in the first place. 
Sigils of Hope



Stat priority:

For this build, you want to focus on increasing Your Void Damage, as dealing more damage will also take care of your survivability (thanks to the build's high levels of Health Leech). To do so, you should stack Void Damage, Adaptive Spell Damage, Spell Crit, Crit Multiplier, and Cast Speed. To increase the defenses a bit more, you should also take care of your Resistances, add some Armor, and stack even more Health Leech and Vitality.  

  1. Void Damage/Adaptive Spell Damage
  2. Spell Crit Chance/Crit Multiplier
  3. Health Leech/Vitality
  4. Cast Speed
  5. Resistances
  6. Armor 

Recommended Unique Items: 

Siphon of Anguish

Siphon of Anguish - This great Unique Ring offers Void Damage Leech, which is very much appreciated in this build. Moreover, it provides a 27% chance to apply Doom on hit, which increases our Damage. 

Ravenous Void

Ravenous Void - These amazing Unique Gloves give us Void Barrier, a stacking buff that reduces damage taken by 5% per stack (up to 3 stacks). Stacks are doubled when we are taken below our Endurance threshold, but it comes at a cost of receiving Void Damage over time for 15 seconds after the effect ends. This is a BiS when it comes to increasing Survivability. 

Bastion of Honour

Bastion of Honour - A very powerful Unique Shield that will greatly increase our survivability and sustain. It synergizes extremely well with block chance as it restores Health on each Block. 


  • Adorned Rahyeh Idol (2x2) - This can increase our Void Damage if we triggered Echo recently, which is fantastic for the build as we're stacking Echo from our passives. 
  • Humble Eterran Idol (2x1) - Use these to increase your Void Damage and Vitality (remember that our Smite now scales with Vitality!). 
  • Grand Solar Idol (3x1) - These can increase Abyssal Decay Duration and give us an additional chance to apply Time Rot on Hit. 



This is the beta version of our Autobomber Void Knight build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build shows a lot of promise, scales quite well, and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games