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Best Wolcen Builds and character Guides for all Classes

Best Wolcen Builds and character Guides for all Classes

A complete list of our recommended character builds for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

The Best Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Builds by Odealo
Updated for the current Patch 1.0.0


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a newly launched Hack'n'Slash game which is a real treat for all Diablo and Path of Exile fans. The game was initially introduced in 2016, and while you may have heard the title on several occasions already, it wasn't until recently that Wolcen had been thoroughly redesigned, improved, and has received a lot of positive reviews since. The game offers one of the most interesting Passive Skill and character customization systems in its genre. Regardless of the initial Class that you are choosing, you will be able to build anything you want based on it. Picking up Melee/Archer or Mage at the beginning, only determines your starting weapon and skill, and how you build your character later, depends solely on your choices and personal preferences. You get one Passive Point every time you level up, and you can allocate it to any linked node on your Skill Tree, which is divided into three rings that can be rotated to access different Passives and offer vast amount of possible combinations of character sub-classes. You can check more details about the Passives system in our Guide on Passive System and Classes in Wolcen. At the same time, every Skill you are using will receive experience points on its' own and level up, allowing you to choose from various Skill-related passives that you can adjust properly to your currently used character build. You also gain additional attributes every time you level up, which you can allocate freely to Ferocity, Toughness, Agility, and Wisdom. All this combined creates one of the most flexible and interesting character customization systems of all Action RPGs. 

Below you will find the complete list of all our Wolcen Builds and character Guides. We will try to include all core information and requirements for each of the builds, however, with how flexible the game and Passive System is, we will usually try to include alternative Passive/Item choices that can be used, and we will gladly accept and feedback or suggestions how our builds can be played as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The game has just launched on February 13, and we are still in the midst of leveling our own characters. We should have first build suggestions ready in the next few days after we actually can provide something that was tested in the actual game. Stay tuned!


The Best Wolcen Builds


  1. Bleeding Bladestorm Spin-to-Win Build - a very smooth and powerful Melee build based purely on Material/Rend Damage and Bleeding Ailment
  2. Infinity Blades/Slayer's Flurry Duskglaive - one of the most unique and difficult to master Melee builds in Wolcen. It's a hybrid build that utilizes both Attack and Spells for massive DPS bonuses from Duskglaive's Passives
  3. Sacred Crusader Eos build - very tanky and durable build based on Sacred Damage and very high block chance. If you are looking to become a true Warrior of the Light, this is a build for you
  1. Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Ranged Build - a very interesting build based on the Child of Fury and Cabalist Classes to utilize very high Fire Ailment Damage and related bonuses
  1. Arctic Spear Warlock Crit. Build - spell-caster build based on the Warlock sub-class and insane Arctic Spear's damage scaling with each consecutive Spear cast
  2. Plaguebringer DoT Poison Mage Build - extremely fast and smooth play style makes this one of the top recommendations for leveling and end-game solo in Wolcen
  1. Wolcen Minion Summoner Build - a very unique build for Wolcen based on powerful Minions that aid you in combat and solid Ailment damage
  1. Avenger Autoturret Exorcist Build - a very interesting Tower Offence-type of build which utilizes the Avenger Autoturrent and the Exorcist Class
  2. Support/Tank Arms Maester Build - a very tanky build with very high team utility which makes it one of the best characters for group-play


If you have any suggestions on what builds we should add next please let us know in the comments below. We will also appreciate any feedback on our builds/guides structure, content, and quality. We will be working hard as we progress in the game to give you the best quality Wolcen Builds out there!

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