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Call of Duty: DMZ Market

When we received the news that the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will feature an "extraction" mode (that's what they're calling their "Tarkov-like" game mode) in addition to the very successful Battle Royale (which is a mode that blends Last Man Standing Deathmatch with Survival elements to create a challenging and deadly experience), we were very excited, to say the least. Warzone is already one of the most successful Online FPS titles to date, and it seems that it will get even more popular as it will now feature a mode that is even more hardcore than Battle Royale. It's going to be a thrilling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat constantly, just like a raid in Tarkov often does. It's not exactly like the game it's already being compared to, though, so for those of you who have doubts about Call of Duty:DMZ: Market still has a place for such a title and the new COD will occupy a slightly different niche. If you're wondering what the new Warzone game mode has to offer, what follows is a brief breakdown. 

Call of Duty: DMZ Features

COD: DMZ offers an open-world experience, full of danger, choices, and opportunities. It's up to players what level of intensity they sign up for, however, even at its easiest, Call of Duty: DMZ is going to pose a significant challenge tailored for the hardcore part of Warzone's player base. DMZ throws you in the middle of a lawless exclusion zone, where your survival is determined by your equipment and experience, Call of Duty: DMZ Market can help you with the former, but the latter is not so easily acquired (some Operators may be willing to share their experience if persuaded with some Cash, though...). While sandbox in nature, DMZ still offers a plethora of activities. These include World Events, Contracts, Missions offered by various Factions, and of course a lot of looting, survival, and Stash management. All of this can be done solo, with a partner, or in a squad-sized group. While all of the available activities are challenging and rewarding, the real challenge and reward in DMZ come from clashing with other players. It's inevitable; while completing your objectives, you'll eventually run into other players. Sometimes, they will help you, but most of the time they'll be hostile and pose a serious threat to you and your squad should you have it. If you manage to survive and extract the acquired loot, you'll be able to use it during your next journey into the exclusion zone. Sounds familiar? It does, which makes the mode even more promising to us. There are multiple key gameplay elements that make the mode work: 

Stash Management - If you played any other game that offers an "extraction" mode, you already know how this part of DMZ's gameplay works. While outside of the Exclusion Zone, you have access to an Inventory in which you can keep equipment, weapons, and other valuable assets you've successfully extracted with from the Exclusion Zone. To ensure that you have at least some fighting chance at the start, COD: DMZ will start you off with a small selection of "contraband" weapons Contraband weapons can only be used in the DMZ mode and they will be gone forever if you lose them during a raid. All Weapons looted from players or NPC enemies are also considered contraband after you've successfully extracted them. If you think that extracting with looted weapons is not worth it because of this, we assure you that it actually is - after you extract with a looted weapon, you unlock it at Gunsmith. 

Contraband Weapons are just a stop-gap, however, and you'll eventually customize your own Weapon. You can bring your favorite gun setup from Warzone to DMZ if you want as well! To make it worthwhile, DMZ offers insured weapon slots that prevent you from using weapons put into them. As you progress your reputation with Factions, you'll unlock more slots. Losing an insured weapon makes your insured weapon slot go on cooldown. 

You will use your Stash to prepare a complete loadout. This includes tactical gear, protection equipment, a gas mask, a set of keys, and a weapon. Your Stash will also hold any valuables you've managed to extract. Any items bought on Call of Duty: DMZ Market can also be stored in your stash. 

Infiltration - Before venturing into the exclusion zone, you will choose your loadout (if you choose, you can enter the Exclusion Zone without anything - yes, we're sure that rat runes will be a thing in DMZ), select mission objectives, and pray. You can enter solo, with a single partner, or as a three-person squad. The latter option is, by far, the safest as the more people are watching your back the better. Your main objective will be to complete Faction Missions for the world's most established PMC groups; Legion (which is the starting faction), Black Mous, and White Lotus (the latter two can be unlocked by completing enough Faction Missions). 

The Exclusion Zone - While in the exclusion zone, you are free to roam as you please. You have a vast open world at your disposal! While completing Faction Missions is your main objective, you can also do loot runs, and complete Contracts (these include target takedowns, hostage rescue operations, and participation in world events). 

Loot scattered in the Exclusion Zone won't just lay on the ground somewhere at random. Items will spawn in places in which you could find them in real life. Expect to find weapons at abandoned army outposts, food and random stuff in homes, and industrial equipment in abandoned factories. Some of the most valuable loot can be found in locked-off areas that require keys to enter. 

Exclusion Zone won't shrink during Raids, so PvP theoretically won't be as constant and as intense as in Battle Royale games. To keep you on your toes, however, various environmental hazards were introduced. These include Radiation and occasional sandstorms. 

Extraction - After you've acquired enough loot you intend to sell on the COD: DMZ Market, completed your mission objectives, or simply had enough for a day, you have to exfil from the Exclusion Zone. Every Item you're carrying in your Backpack or have equipped on your character is going to be extracted with you - this is the main way of obtaining valuables and acquiring wealth in the DMZ mode. The higher your successful extraction ratio, the better (remember to always think in risk vs reward categories). 

If you've gathered more loot that you can carry with you outside the Exclusion Zone, you can take advantage of the Dead Drop locations (there are six of these in the Exclusion Zone) to stash the excess loot. You can then re-visit the location, pick the hidden stuff back up, and attempt to extract with it. 

Call of Duty DMZ is a mod that most of all rewards experience. Just like in Tarkov, knowing the map layout, extraction zones, hiding spots, and the location of profitable loot spawns gives you an edge over the opposition. Gaining in-game knowledge on your own is a lengthy and often painful process, full of daring trials and deadly errors. The sad truth is that when you start, you're not only out-skilled and out-experienced, but also out-gunned. But... what if you could Buy experience, prepare yourself in advance, and use other players' knowledge to your advantage right from the start? Believe it or not, it's possible with Odealo's COD: DMZ Market! To make your first steps in this amazing game mode much more pleasant and rewarding, we've decided to open the Call of Duty: DMZ Market for you! On it, you can Sell, Buy, and Trade all kinds of essential and valuable, COD: DMZ Assets together with the rest of our trustworthy community. If you were scouring the internet to find a secure and safe real-money-trading hub where thousands of players gather to Trade their hard-earned Call of Duty: DMZ Assets and share their in-game experience for Real Money, we are pleased to inform you that your search is finally over. On Odealo's COD: DMZ Market, you can easily and quickly Sell your hard-earned in-game Assets for Cash! Even more than that, you can also Buy in-game Goods of all kinds here; doing so will undoubtedly boost your in-game power significantly while saving you a lot of your precious time and minimizing the pain of learning from your mistakes (this should be a win-win perspective in everyone's book; it's in ours, certainly). Speeding up the learning process and ensuring that you have a nice stock of Assets to equip your character with are just two of the benefits you're getting from using Odealo's Call of Duty: DMZ Market. We guarantee the best possible standards of buyer protection, our prices are the lowest in the business, and the competition can only dream about achieving delivery times as fast as the ones offered by our sellers. Registration and all other features offered in our web store are, of course, free of charge, and our fees are the lowest in the business. Thanks to our pro-customer policy, the prices of goods offered in our store are always as low as they can possibly be, and access to our COD: DMZ Assets is as easy as possible. We would also like to remind you that all sellers who advertise their offers on our website were verified very thoroughly, which guarantees the absolute safety and 100% satisfaction of our clients (so yours as well, as we hope that you'll join our community!). Register now, and benefit from the largest number of Offers and The Best Prices - our trusted Sellers and satisfied Buyers create a dynamically developing online community that ensures a well-supplied Call of Duty: DMZ Market; Join us or you will definitely miss out, as you won't find offers of similar quality anywhere else! After registering, don't forget to check up on us regularly, as you never know when a new interesting offer comes up! If you are a seller, don't hesitate to register as well; our community members are waiting to Buy COD: DMZ Assets you've gathered during your game time. They would also like to have you share some of your in-game experiences during boosting and coaching sessions! Feel free to post your offers on our marketplace, potential buyers are waiting just around the corner! After you're verified, you will have full free access to our Real Money Trading platform - you're just a few steps away from reaching millions of great offers and thousands of potential buyers. 

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