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Finally, after over 10 years of waiting, we'll get a chance to dive back into the Sanctuary and defeat the Evil once again. This time, the Evil goes by the name of Lilith, a daughter of Mephisto and the sister of Lucion. She is more widely known as the Queen of the Succubi. When compared to other antagonists of the franchise, She's definitely much more subtle, deceiving, and cunning. It is safe to say that the game's plot will live up to expectations, as it already sounds extremely interesting. However, the game isn't all about plot, it's also about graphics and gameplay mechanics. We can rest assured that the former will be of the highest possible quality - it's a Blizzard game we're talking about after all. When it comes to mechanics, our expectations are very high, especially after the success of D2 Resurrected. It was stated that "Diablo IV will deliver visceral combat, gruesome and varied monsters, an epic hunt for legendary loot, endless playability and progression, and randomized dungeons packed with unpredictable adversaries and unimaginable treasures that will achieve astronomical prices on Diablo 4 Market". This statement rises our expectations even higher and makes us want to prepare for the adventure right away. Because we can't do that yet, we'll instead take a closer look at what exactly Diablo IV has in store for us. 

Chosen Diablo IV Features

  • Diablo 4 offers an open world with five separate regions. Every region has completely different aesthetics and denizens. These regions are:  
    • Hawezar - A foul swampland filled to the brim with despair, disease, and poison. If you're looking for death and misery, you'll definitely find it there. If you manage to survive it, don't expect to go out unchanged by it, as Poison, disease, and despair spread over this region like mold, growing and infecting everything within. Hawezar contains a lot of high-quality in-game assets that make it a miserable sight to behold. 
    • Fractured Peaks - A frozen and inhabitable mountainous waste, dotted with crumbling ruins and ancient cathedrals, and a long-forgotten Diablo 4 Market here and there. Staying in this place for longer will definitely give you a feeling of anxiety and a sense that someone or something is waiting to prey on you at the exact moment weakness catches up to you; and it will, sooner rather than later, because of the Fractured Peaks' harsh conditions. Some people find this inhospitable place enlightening, however - it is home to a certain group of religious zealots who might try to Sell you their faith. 
    • Dry Steppes - A rugged wilderness that consists of dry grasslands, deep canyons, and vast salt flats dotted with active geysers. This is not an easy place to live in and only the most rugged of people can survive there. Those who call it home became ruthless and desperate very long ago. If you're unlucky enough to venture deep into the steppes, you might fall victim to groups of cannibals that roam these lands - you can't simply Buy a safe passage, these people are hungry for you, not your Cash. However, cannibals won't be the worst thing you'll come across in Dry Steppes, we can assure you. 
    • Scosglen - These wild woods are one of the most verdant places in all of Sanctuary, which doesn't stop them from also being one of the deadliest. Not only does wildlife inhabit Scosglen, but it is also the home of Druids who will do anything to protect their way of life; some of them have already lost their humanity in their pursuit of unleashing the beast within. While some of them might be sane enough to talk and even Trade with you, don't expect to find a Diablo IV Market deep in the wilderness somewhere. 
    • Kehjistan - This land was once known as the great empire of the eastern lands of Sanctuary. It's located along the eastern coast of the Twin Seas and encompasses almost one-third of the Sanctuary's eastern hemisphere. A long time ago, it was a bastion of civilization, now it lies in ruins, however, the terrain itself underwent few changes over the past millennia. The towns and cities of Kehjistan tended to be large, so expect to find quite a few vast ruins to explore there. Who knows, maybe you'll even find an ancient Diablo 4 Market, still full of long-forgotten goods somewhere in Kehjan. 
  • If you're mainly interested in end-game content, you'll be very pleased to hear that D4 will feature Randomized dungeons that will require special keys to open. Be prepared to Buy, Sell, and Trade the keys, as they will be in great demand for the whole lifespan of the game. 
  • On the game's launch, there will be five Classes available; crowd favorites will make a return in an upgraded and evolved form: 
    • Barbarian - The master of melee combat returns and he's as strong as ever! This time he'll offer a brand-new Arsenal system that will allow Him to freely swap between different weapon types; from Two-Handed Maces to handy Shwort Swords or Hand Axes - Barb will have the right tool for any given situation. Weapon swaps will be dynamic and doable at any time, and you will be able to assign specific Skills to different weapons. To make things more interesting, some of the Barbs skills will now require specific weapons (but you'll carry every weapon you might need, so this won't reduce the build variety). If you choose Barbarian, note the address of the nearest Diablo 4 Market somewhere, as you'll need a lot of different armaments to fill your arsenal! 
    • Druid - This nature-centered Class makes a big return in Diablo IV! The well-known-and-loved Shapeshift forms return in Diablo 4 for everyone's enjoyment as well. Each of the Druid's forms will have a different set of skills and abilities so that they will feel more unique than ever. This time, however, using a skill will cause Druid to shapeshift to the appropriate form automatically before the cast, without any extra action. Thanks to this, Druid will offer much more variety and high gameplay dynamics. 
    • Necromancer - The cunning summoner, able to conjure hordes of vengeful golems and raise legions of the undead also makes a return. This time, Necro will feature four playable archetypes: a minion-based Summoner, AoE and Health-centered Blood Necro, CC and debuff-heavy Darkness build, and the classic Bone Necromancer. Unlike in previous iterations of the game, Necromancer's toolkit will be much more customizable and many spells and abilities will overlap between the playable archetypes. Necro will also receive a class mechanic called "Book of the Dead", which will allow you to fully customize your undead minions; we personally Buy this idea and can't wait to see all the different minion Assets designed to complement this system. 
    • Rogue - This versatile Class will be an amalgamation of features known from the Demon Hunter, D1 Rogue, Assassin, and Amazon. She will be able to alternate between Melee Weapons (Swords and Daggers) and Ranged Weapons (Crossbows and Bows). Picking a specific weapon won't lock the Rogue out of using other weapon types and the Skill's stats will be calculated based on the appropriate weapons' stats. Rogue will also have access to three different Talent Specializations that will enhance her gameplay even more. These will be: Shadow Realm that makes you immune and pulls enemies to the Shadow Realm, Exploit Weakness that passively increases your damage, and Combo Points that... add a combo point mechanic. Moreover, she will receive an Imbuing System that will let you modify the damage type of her skills. 
    • Sorceress - Capable of creating scorching balls of fire, crackling lightning bolts, and jagged ice spikes, Sorceress will be as deadly as ever. Her spells from different schools will now have school-specific additional effects; Cold Spells will chill enemies and eventually freeze them, Lightning Spells will create orbs that restore mana, and Fire Spells will have a decent chance of setting enemies ablaze. She will also receive an Enchancment System that will allow her to turn any of her Active Abilities (so, passives cannot be used in this system) into passive or semi-passive effects related to the selected skill. 
  • On the graphical side, Diablo 4 will feature a day-night cycle and a dynamic weather system. Expect the environment to change slightly depending on the time of day and the current weather. 
  • PvPers will enjoy the fact that DIV will feature special PvP zones where players can battle against each other. The game will also utilize a shared world system where groups of players may encounter one another and engage in both PvE and PvP activities together. 
  • Crossplay between different platforms is also available and couch co-op is available for D4's console versions. 

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