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Destroyer Lost Ark Raiding Build

Destroyer Lost Ark Raiding Build

Complete Guide to Raiding as Destroyer in Lost Ark Online

PvE Raiding Build
for Lost Ark

Last Update: 16th June 2022



If Berserker's giant sword was a bit too tame for you, you'll be pleased with Destroyer's enormous hammer. This new Warrior Advanced Class is a true dreadnaught that lumbers through the battlefield, clad in heavy armor, and obliterates everything on its path. Destroyer is rather slow, but He more than makes up for His lack of mobility with high resilience and devastating burst damage. He uses a builder-spender system with Concentration (Blue) Skills that feed into His Identity Gauge, creating Gravity Cores, and Gravity Release (Purple) Skills that consume the Cores to deal extra damage and cover him with powerful defensive shields that can prevent him from being hurt by bosses. If this wasn't enough, Destroyer has access to a defensive Cooldown that reduces all incoming damage by 90% (Endure PainEndure Pain), making Him virtually unkillable for the duration. On top of that, He has access to the Taunt mechanic, just like the Gunlancer. As for downsides, well... there's the previously mentioned low mobility. Also, Destroyer's Gravity Release Skills have quite long animations that won't appeal to some people. 

Destroyer has two Class Engravings that alter the build and playstyle a bit. These are: 

  • Rage HammerRage Hammer​​​​​​, which improves Destroyer's sustained Damage by making His Critical Hits much more consistent. 
  • Gravity TrainingGravity Training which is a Class Engraving that improves Destroyer's Burst Damage by allowing him to build up His Identity Meter quickly and providing bonuses when HypergravityHypergravity is active. 

This build guide will present you with multiple alternatives that aim to help you fine-tune the build to work better with your chosen Destroyer Class Engraving. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Great Survivability   Low Mobility 
 High Stagger Damage   Long Skill Animations 
 Good Burst Damage   Hard to Play without proper Encounter Knowledge 
 Has access to Taunt   Directional Requirements on most Attacks 


Stat Priority

As you've probably guessed, your desired stat distribution will differ based on your chosen Class Engraving, as Gravity TrainingGravity Training and Rage HammerRage Hammer benefit from different stats: 

  • Gravity Training Destroyer mostly benefits from Specialization and uses Crit as His secondary stat. Having a 70% Spec / 30% Crit stat distribution is generally preferred. To achieve this, you should have a set of Specialization Accessories mixed with a Spec/Crit Necklace and a Crit Ring. 
  • Rage Hammer Destroyer benefits mostly from extra Crit Rate and uses Swiftness as His secondary stat. Doing so allows Him to maximize His DPS while achieving at least somewhat comfortable mobility. In the late game, it's also possible to add some Specialization into the mix for some extra DPS increase. Your Accessory Stat Distribution will depend on what Tier of equipment you have access to, as you need 450-500 Swiftness (which is not a lot at Tier 3 but can be a pain to comfortably achieve at Tier 1), the rest of your points should go straight into Crit (you can also invest ~400 points into Specialization on the late-late game). 




Destroyer takes a ready stance with His hammer on His shoulder, concentrating energy on His Cores, and then He hits the ground to send forth a shockwave, dealing moderate amounts of damage, and using the momentum to jump high. While jumping, He slams His hammer down onto enemies, dealing moderate amounts of damage. 

This is your Counter Skill that can also be used defensively, thanks to the Toughened BodyToughened Body Engraving and the damage reduction effect it provides. 

  • Weak Point: Level 2 
  • Stagger: Mid-High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity, Push Immunity (with the TenacityTenacity Tripod) 
  • Counter: Yes 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Tenacity Tenacity - Gives you Push Immunity while using the skill. This is an excellent choice because of DREADNOUGHTDreadnought's quite long animation, which is prone to interruptions caused by pushing mechanics. 
  2. [Level II] Toughened Body Toughened Body - Reduces all incoming Damage, during Skill Use, by up to -38,6% (at Rank 5). This allows DREADNOUGHTDreadnought to work as a defensive Cooldown when needed. It also makes Countering with DREADNOUGHTDreadnought much safer. 
  3. [Level III] Violent Hammer Violent Hammer - Attack one additional time while in the air. Outgoing Damage is also increased by up to +94.8% (at Rank 5). This offers a very significant Damage boost. 
  4. [RUNE] ProtectionProtection - While casting a Skill, gain a Shield with X% of your Max HP. 

Destroyer leaps to the target location within 10 meters of Him and swings His hammer down to the ground, inflicting high amounts of Damage. On hit, Destroyer obtains 2 Gravity Cores. 

This Skill serves two important purposes in the build: It applies an Armor DestructionArmor Destruction debuff to your enemies and makes you travel 10 meters. In other words, it's a mobility tool that can also be used as a team synergy skill. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Mid-High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 


  • Power StrikePower Strike - This is a solid option if you don't need a mobility tool (because you're knowledgable enough, for example). It's also a source of Armor DestructionArmor Destruction so you won't suffer in the team synergy department by picking it. Choosing it will result in lower overall mobility, however. 
  • Power ShoulderPower Shoulder (Rage HammerRage Hammer-specific) - This is another gap closer in the Destroyer's arsenal. It will move you much faster but it doesn't provide any team synergy. On the plus side, it generates 2 Gravity Cores. It also has the benefit of surrounding you with a protective shield for its duration (if Armor DestructionToughened Body Tripod is selected). 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Superior Change Superior Change - Increases the skill's maximum use distance by up to +4 meters (at Rank 5). With this, you'll be able to use JUMPING SMASHJumping Smash from a farther range, which will make it much more convenient. 
  2. [Level II] Armor Destruction Armor Destruction - On hit, reduces the enemy's Defense by 12% for 14 seconds. This is a team synergy effect that will make everyone in your group more effective in combat. It has almost 100% potential uptime without any Cooldown reductions. 
  3. [Level III] Smash Smash - Changes the Skill to Normal mode. Using the Skill makes you leap 5 meters towards the target area while spinning in the air. Skill's Damage is increased by up to +144% (at Rank 5). This trades a portion of JUMPING SMASHJumping Smash's mobility for more Damage. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal up to +30% Stagger Damage (Legendary). This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Destroyer smashes the ground behind Him, dealing high amounts of damage, then he delivers a horizontal swing that makes chunks of rocks follow it. He spins a total of 3 times, each spin inflicts low amounts of damage. His hammer goes higher with each spin until he swings it down to the ground to inflict high amounts of damage. 

While rather slow-to-use, EARTH EATEREarth Eater is a powerful tool. It deals extremely high amounts of Stagger Damage and can deliver a lot of punishment to anything it hits. It's going to be one of your go-to Skills for dealing with Stagger mechanics. 

  • Weak Point: Level 2 
  • Stagger: High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity. Push Immunity (with the Tenacity Tenacity Tripod) 


  • Power ShoulderPower Shoulder (Rage HammerRage Hammer-specific) - Picking this over EARTH EATEREarth Eater will reduce your overall DPS, but you'll be more mobile and much more durable. 
  • Running CrushRunning Crush (Rage HammerRage Hammer-specific) - This handy Skill applies a Stagger Damage-increasing debuff to your target (with the Target FocusTarget Focus Tripod), which makes it handy for some encounters. If you like to play a support role, consider picking it up. 
  • NeutralizerNeutralizer (Gravity TrainingGravity Training-specific) - With Gravity TrainingGravity Training, Destroyer is all about delivering your skills quickly. Earth Eater, while powerful, is also very slow. NeutralizerNeutralizer is much more dynamic, but it won't hit as hard. 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Enhanced Strike Enhanced Strike - Increases Hammer's Direct Hot Damage by up to +73% (at Rank 5). This offers a solid Damage increase to the two already hard-hitting portions of the skill. 
  2. [Level II] Tenacity  Tenacity - Gives you Push Immunity while using the skill. This is an excellent choice because of EARTH EATEREarth Eater's long animation, which is prone to interruptions caused by pushing mechanics. 
  3. [Level III] Earthen Rage Earthen Rage - Changes the Skill to Charge mode and increases its Cooldown by 6 seconds. Destroyer creates a massive rock hammer and slams it to the ground. Charge inflicts up to +166% (at Rank 5) Damage, Overcharge inflicts up to +277% (at Rank 5) Damage. Rock fragments fly and scatter, dealing +50% of the hammer strike Damage. This removes the spinning animation and greatly increases EARTH EATEREarth Eater's overall damage output. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal up to +30% Stagger Damage (Legendary). This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Destroyer strikes behind him with His hammer and spins 360 degrees, attacking all surrounding enemies three times, dealing moderate amounts of damage three times. Overcharging will make the skill deal more damage with its hits. 

FULL SWINGFull Swing charges for a while, but the devastation it delivers is worth it. This powerful offensive skill deals massive amounts of Stagger coupled with a lot of regular Damage. It's, together with the EARTH EATEREarth Eater, going to be your main tool for dealing with Stagger Checks. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Agile Movement Agile Movement - Increases the Skill's Attack Speed by up to +18% (at Rank 5). This makes FULL SWINGFull Swing's animation significantly quicker which makes it much easier to use to its full potential. We recommend you select it (GalewindGalewind alone is not enough in our opinion). 
  2. [Level II] Scary Hammer Scary Hammer - Increases The Skill's Damage by up to +17% (at Rank 5) per swing, up to a maximum of +102% (at Rank 5). This offers a significant damage increase when paired with Beast's EyeBeast's Eye third-row Tripod. 
  3. [Level III] Beast's Eye Beast's Eye - Reduces Charge Duration by 50%. Increases Charge Level by 1. Overcharge allows you to spin a total of 7 times to inflict up to 174.5% (at Rank 5) more Damage. This makes the skill's animation longer, but it also provides a solid Damage increase so it's worth it (especially when you're running the Rage HammerRage Hammer Engraving). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it even better at dealing damage. 

Destroyer can Charge this Skill for up to 2 seconds. When used midway, He will advance 3 meters forward and charge at enemies to deal low amounts of damage, followed by a powerful smash that inflicts high amounts of damage. Overcharging the skill will result in a 4 meters movement followed up by a fierce blow that deals extremely high amounts of damage. 

PERFECT SWINGPerfect Swing's main downside is its extremely slow animation, however, it more than makes up for it with its sheer power. It will serve as one of your spender skills. It has the ability to deal extremely high amounts of Damage if used while you have 3 Gravity Cores. 

  • Weak Point: Level 2 
  • Stagger: High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack, Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection - Increases Damage dealt to Push-Immune enemies by 45% (at Rank 5). This Tripod makes PERFECT SWINGPerfect Swing deal much more Damage to Bosses (as they all are push-immune). 
  2. [Level II] Absolute Strength Absolute Strength - While on 3 Cores, Damage to Enemies is increased by up to +60% (at Rank 5). This Engraving will increase PERFECT SWINGPerfect Swing's Damage output very reliably. 
  3. [Level III] Intemperance Intemperance - Reduces Charge Duration by 50%. Increases Charge Level by 1. Increases Overcharge Damage by up to +145% (at Rank 5). This is a must-have, especially if you're running the Rage HammerRage Hammer Engraving. 
    • Alternative: [Level III] Hour of Slaughter Hour of Slaughter - Changes the Skill to normal mode. Immediately swings the hammer, dealing the same Damage as Overcharge. Generates a gravitational wave that inflicts up to 60% (Rank 5) base damage This is a great choice for Gravity TrainingGravity Training users as it makes the skill much more dynamic. 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it even better at dealing damage. 

Destroyer holds His Hammer upside down, then He jumps and smashes the ground, dealing low amounts of Damage. The crash forms a cone-shaped wall that stretches 11 meters, dealing extremely high amounts of damage. 

This is a powerful Gravity Release Skill that will be one of your main damage sources and a rather solid Stagger damage dealer. It can deal a lot of Burst Damage, especially when combined with the Gravity TrainingGravity Training Engraving. Just remember that using it without 3 Gravitational Cores is an extreme waste. 

  • Weak Point: Level 2 
  • Stagger: High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack, Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the Skill's Cooldown by up to -11 seconds (at Rank 5). This can cut over 1/3 of SEISMIC HAMMERSeismic Hammer's Cooldown, which is massive. 
  2. [Level II] Absolute Strength Absolute Strength - While on 3 Cores, Damage to Push-Immune Enemies is increased by up to +70% (at Rank 5). This makes SEISMIC HAMMERSeismic Hammer much stronger against Bosses. 
  3. [Level III] Starving Strength Starving Strength - Creates the wall by warping the ground in 7 meters radius around the Destroyer. Wall Damage is increased by up to +95% (at Rank 5). This adds a lot of Damage and makes the skill easier to hit with. 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it even better at dealing damage. 

Destroyer lets out a roar, dealing high amounts of Damage to enemies within a 6 meters radius. Upon using the skill, Destroyer gains Push Immunity and a high Damage reduction for 5 seconds. 

This powerful defensive Skill can be used to set up your main burst skills (Seismic HammerSeismic Hammer and Perfect SwingPerfect Swing). Or you can just activate it to make yourself almost unkillable and laugh at the Boss while it tickles you (with Hidden PainHidden Pain Engraving, ENDURE PAINEndure Pain provides a 90% Damage Reduction). With the  TauntTaunt Engraving, you can also use it to interrupt deadly boss attack patterns to make encounters much easier for your team. 

  • Stagger: Low 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack, Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Push Immunity 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Wide Hit Wide Hit - Increases the skill's AoE Radius by 25%. This ensures that Endure Pain hits its target, even if you're relatively far away from it. 
  2. [Level II] Taunt Taunt - Taunts non-player enemies for 3 seconds. Challenge or higher difficulty enemies can't be Taunted more than once within a set amount of time. This is a must-have for any type of PvE content as it allows you to interrupt boss attack patterns. 
  3. [Level III] Hidden Pain Hidden Pain - Reduces the incoming Damage by 90%. This makes you almost impervious to enemy attacks and allows you to withstand any attack that does not feature a one-shot mechanic. It also pairs extremely well with TauntTaunt
  4. [RUNE] FocusFocus - This Rune lowers the skill's Mana consumption by quite a lot, making it much more cost-effective. 

Destroyer raises His Hammer above His head, then he smashes the ground with enormous gravitational force, inflicting moderate amounts of damage. On hit, Destroyer obtains 1 Gravity Core. 

This Skill has a very low base Cooldown of just 5 seconds, which makes it extremely useful for filling gaps in your Rotation. Moreover, it generates Gravity Cores which is simply amazing. Its main purpose is to generate Gravity Cores cheaply, quickly, and efficiently. 

  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 

Level 4

  1. [Level I] Quick Hit Quick Hit - Reduces the skill wind-up by 0.3 seconds. With this, HEAVY CRUSHHeavy Crush becomes quicker, which makes it more consistent. 
  2. [RUNE] Quick RechargeQuick Recharge - Gives a chance to reduce all Cooldowns on skill use. 

Destroyer gathers gravitational energy and explodes it, dealing Extremely High amounts of damage to enemies within a 3.2 meters radius and knocking them back. All incoming damage is reduced by 50% and Destroyer gains immunity against Move Speed reductions, Pushes, and Debuffs. You can move your character while gathering gravitational energy. This Skill's Damage can be tripled and the explosion radius can be increased up to 8 meters, depending on how long the gravitational energy is gathered. 

This skill deals apocalyptic amounts of AoE Damage but it does not generate Gravity Meter. Also, your mobility is severely reduced during its use. These properties make it more suited for the Rage HammerRage Hammer Destroyer. If you plan on taking Gravity TrainingGravity Training, you'll be better of with TERRA BREAKTerra Break

  • Stagger: High 
  • Super Armor: Push Immunity, Debuff Immunity 
  • Weak Point: Level 2 

Destroyer hammers the ground in front of Him, dealing Extremely high amounts of damage as gravitational energy falls from the sky, damaging all enemies in range. The ground cracks, casting a gravitational field. All enemies within the field are knocked down. Destroyer can Swing His Hammer upward to create anti-gravity and deal two more devastating hits. All enemies within range will then be shot into the air. Destroyer can then concentrate his energy and jump, hammering enemies flat to the ground with yet another devastating attack. TERRA BREAKTerra Break restores Destroyer's Gravity Meter to 100%. 

While this Awakening Skill doesn't deal anywhere near as much Damage as BIG BANGBig Bang does, it instantly takes your Identity Gauge to 100% which is unbelievably powerful if you're running Gravity TrainingGravity Training Engraving. TERRA BREAKTerra Break's main downside is its very long animation. 


Rotations/Skill Usage

  • Use HypergravityHypergravity for burst windows and when you're positive that you won't miss any attacks (so, when the boss remains more or less stationary, basically). 
  • Earth EaterEarth Eater and Full SwingFull Swing are your main Stagger Damage dealers. If you know that there's a Stagger Check incoming, try not to use them so they are available.  
  • Endure PainEndure Pain is your panic button. It will make you almost impervious but won't save you from instadeath mechanics. 
  • Jumping SmashJumping Smash is your mobility tool/gap closer and a team synergy skill. 
  • DREADNOUGHTDreadnaught is your Counter Attack. 

Destroyer's rotation revolves around charging up 3 Gravity Cores with Concentration (Blue) Skills to then spend the Cores enhancing the Gravity Release (Purple) Skills. Purple Skills benefit the most from consuming all 3 Cores, so charging up all 3 before unleashing them gives the best results. Gravity Release (Purple) Skills will not only deal massive damage but also surround you with a potent defensive shield. 

Your Basic Rotation looks as follows: 

  1. Use Heavy Crush Heavy Crush 
  2. Use Power StrikePower Strike or Jumping SmashJumping Smash 
  3. Use Perfect Swing Perfect Swing 
  4. Use Heavy Crush Heavy Crush 
  5. Use Dreadnaught Dreadnaught 
  6. Use Seismic HammerSeismic Hammer
  7. Use Heavy Crush Heavy Crush 
  8. Use Power StrikePower Strike or Jumping SmashJumping Smash 
  9. Use Earth Eater Earth Eater 
  10. Use Heavy Crush Heavy Crush 
  11. Use Dreadnaught Dreadnaught 
  12. Use Full Swing Full Swing 
  13. Rinse and Repeat 

During a Stagger Check, use the following Skill Priority (attack with the skills closer to the top of the list if they are available): 

  1. Use Earth Eater Earth Eater 
  2. Use Full Swing Full Swing 
  3. UseSeismic HammerSeismic Hammer
  4. Use Jumping SmashJumping Smash 


Recommended Engravings

  • Rage HammerRage Hammer (Class Engraving) - When Using a Gravity Release Skill, your Crit Rate is increased by (Level 1: 3%, Level 2: 4%, Level 3: 5%), and your Crit Damage is increased by (Level 1: 5%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 15%) for each Gravity Core used. 

The more Gravity Cores you consume with a Gravity Release (Purple) Skill, the higher of a benefit this Engraving will give you. With this, your Purple Skills will hit much harder and they'll become even more reliable than they already are (when it comes to sustained damage). 

  • Gravity TrainingGravity Training (Class Engraving) - While in Combat, your Gravity Meter recovers (Level 1: 1%, Level 2: 1.5%, Level 3: 2%) every 1s. Basic Attack and Vortex Gravity Crit Rate are increased by (Level 1: 10%, Level 2: 20%, Level 3: 20%). Damage to enemies during the Hypergravity Mode is also increased by (Level 1: 4%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 20%). 

This powerful Engraving makes your damage skyrocket while in the Hypergravity Mode. With it, you'll deal much higher Burst Damage but your sustained DPS won't be as high. 

  • BarricadeBarricade - Increases your Damage done while shielded by (Level 1: +3%, Level 2: +8%, Level 3: +16%). 

As a Destroyer, you can have a shield active, thanks to the Gravity Release Skills, almost all the time which makes this a constant DPS boost with no drawbacks. BarricadeBarricade fits both Build versions but with a different priority (the Gravity TrainingGravity Training version should pick this up as their starter Engraving). 

  • Super Charge Super Charge - Increases the Charging Speed and Damage of Charging Skills (Level 1: +8% Speed, +4% Damage; Level 2: +20% Speed, +10% Damage; Level 3: +40% Speed, +20% Damage). 

As the description suggests, this Engraving will make your charging skills better, so use it if you want to improve your Perfect SwingPerfect Swing, Full SwingFull Swing, and Earth EaterEarth Eater. This is a must-have Engraving for the Rage HammerRage Hammer Destroyer - you should use it right from the start if you're playing as one. 

  • GrudgeGrudge - Increases your Damage Dealt to Bosses (Level 1: +4%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +20%), but makes you take 20% more damage from them. 

This Engraving is extremely powerful, but it will punish you if you make a mistake. If you can live with the downside, it will serve you as an unconditional damage increase. Destroyer is one of the easiest Classes for running GrudgeGrudge, as He boasts some of the highest defenses and can shrug off the additional incoming damage with relative ease thanks to potent Shields and powerful defensive Cooldowns. You should pick up (Level 3) GrudgeGrudge as soon as you're able to; it will serve you well. Also, please remember that this is only really worth using at Level 3 and becomes very powerful when you reach Tier 3 content. 

  • Cursed DollCursed Doll - Increases Attack Power at the cost of reduced 25% Healing Received (does not affect natural Health recovery (Level 1 - +3% Attack Power, Level 2 - 8% Attack Power, Level 3 - +16% Attack Power).

This Engraving can boost your offensive power rather significantly, but the tradeoff is quite painful. Only pick it if you know encounter mechanics very well; or if you believe in Destroyer's defensive capabilities enough (which is fair). Also, using this at Levels 1 and 2 is not worth the risks involved (so, use it at Level 3 or don't use it at all). 

  • Master BrawlerMaster Brawler - Increases Head Attack Damage by (Level 1: +5%, Level 2: +12%, Level 3: +25%). 

The majority of the Destroyer's attacks have the Head Attack modifier, so this Engraving is a great choice. It will increase your damage output without making you suffer any drawbacks. Run it at Level 3 (it should be quite cheap as it's not a very popular Engraving). Both build versions benefit greatly from this one. 

  • Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption - Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by (Level 1 - 3%, Level 2 - 8%, Level 3 - 15%). 

Destroyer moves like a tank and tanks are not really known for their dynamics, so any boost to mobility is welcome. With this Engraving at Level 3, you'll move significantly quicker and your skill animations will become much faster. In other words, pick this engraving if you want your Destroyer to feel like He's got a tad bit more horsepower

  • Keen Blunt Weapon Keen Blunt Weapon - Increases your Crit Damage (Level 1: +10%, Level 2: +25%, Level 3: +50%) but also gives your attacks a chance to deal 20% Reduced Damage. 

The more Crit Rate you have, the more powerful this Engraving becomes. When you have ~60% Crit, this really starts to contribute to your DPS, but, if you want to optimize the build, you should only pick it up when you have at least ~70% Crit Rate. In other words, this is a niche Engraving for Destroyers that like to stack Crit Rate. 

Rage Hammer Destroyer Engravings

As a Rage Hammer Destroyer, pick your Engravings in the following order: 

  1. Rage HammerRage Hammer (Level 3) 
  2. Super ChargeSuper Charge (Level 3) 
  3. GrudgeGrudge (Level 3) 
  4. BarricadeBarricade (Level 3) 
  5. Master BrawlerMaster Brawler (Level 3) 

Gravity Training Destroyer Engravings

As a Gravity Training Destroyer, pick your Engravings in the following order: 

  1. Gravity TrainingGravity Training (Level 3) 
  2. GrudgeGrudge (Level 3) 
  3. BarricadeBarricade (Level 3) 
  4. Cursed Doll Cursed Doll (Level 3) or Master BrawlerMaster Brawler (Level 3) 
  5. Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption (Level 3) 


Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc.

  • Gear Sets - As a DPS Class, Destroyer wants His set to boost His offensive capabilities as much as possible. Here are the optimal Sets for each Tier: 
    • Tier 1: Seraphic Oath Set (Epic); Boisterous Elemental Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 2: Marvelous Earth Set (Epic); Unyielding Will Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 3: Twisted Dimensional Set (Epic); Preordained Diligence Set (Legendary)
    • Set options for high T3 Gearscores: 
      • Over 1415 GS: A Full Preordained Diligence Set (Legendary) is still the way to go. 
      • Over 1445 GS: A Full Earth's Entropy Set (Relic). 
  • Gems -  With these, you can apply a Cooldown Reduction or Bonus Damage to your Skills. There is a limit of 11 Gems; you should distribute them in the following way: 
    • You should use Cooldown Reduction Gems on the following Skills: Seismic HammerSeismic Hammer, Perfect SwingPerfect Swing, Full SwingFull Swing, Endure PainEndure Pain, DreadnaughtDreadnaught  
      • Optional (depending on your chosen Skills): Gravity ImpactGravity Impact, Running CrashRunning Crash, Power ShoulderPower Shoulder, Jumping SmashJumping Smash, Power StrikePower Strike 
    • You should use Attack Gems on the following Skills: Seismic HammerSeismic Hammer, Perfect SwingPerfect Swing, Full SwingFull Swing 
      • Optional (depending on your chosen Skills): HypergravityHypergravity (for Gravity TrainingGravity Training version only), Earth EaterEarth EaterNeutralizerNeutralizer
  • Cards - Depending on your budget, you should go for one of the following Card Sets: 
    • Light of Salvation Set - A Full set offers +30% Dark Damage Reduction, changes your Damage type to Holy, and increases your Holy Damage dealt by 15%. This is the optimal Card Set choice that is going to maximize your DPS. 
    • Lostwind Cliff Set - A Full set offers +25% Dark Damage Reduction and +7% Critical Rate. This one is the cheaper of the recommended two, but it will still provide you with some solid benefits. 



This is the initial version of our Destroyer Raiding Build for Lost Ark, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG