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Badges and user levels

All users gain account levels and earn badges during their adventure on Odealo. Their current level is indicated by a number shown right next to their avatar and bagdes appear in their personal profile. For each level and badge earned user receives a graphic notification and is rewarded with free diamonds. For badges users also earn additional experience points. 

Full list of available badges:

  1. SHOPAHOLIC - badge awarded for successful purchases,
  2. SALESMAN - badge awarded for successful sales,
  3. SWIFTHANDS - badge awarded for taking actions and making quick decisions - confirming deliveries and rating transactions right after they are complete,
  4. VERIFIED USER - badge awarded for attaining additional authorization levels,
  5. FEEDBACK RAIDER - badge awarded for getting consecutive positive ratings and feedback,
  6. GOLD RUSH - badge awarded for successfully trading on currency market,
  7. FIRST PLACE - badge awarded for appearing first on offer list with a minimum of 20 total listings displayed.

For more information on additional rewards and badge progress please visit the Badges subpage within your user's account.

Maximum level cap: 47


How are badges rewarded?

The bages will automatically appear on your account whenever you meet the requirements indicated in each bagde description. 

Are there any other benefits to having additional badges?

Except for experience and diamond rewards, your badges are also visible to anyone visiting your public profile. They give a good insight of how active you are on Odealo and might act as one of the factors boosting your sales.

What is the user's account level for?

There is no direct display of how many successful transactions the user made. User's activity on Odealo is represented by his account level.

How do I get higher levels?

Nearly all your activity on Odealo including making transactions, receiving positive feedback and confirming transactions, is awarded with experience points. You get a level up everytime you fill the experience bar, which is right next to your avatar.