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Super Seller status

Active sellers on Odealo are able to receive the Super Seller status. Super seller status is indicated by special icon in user's profile and allows the user to post group offers on multiple servers at the same time. It also enhances the user's account interface, allowing the user to manage his offers and transactions in a much more effective way.

Benefits of Super Seller status:

  1. Group offer posting feature -- allowing the user to select any number of servers and distribute them into up to 10 separate groups, for which different prices, discounts and promotion features can be chosen;
  2. Free extend offer duration options;
  3. Special Icon indicating the user's exclusive status.

Requirements for Super Seller:

  1. A minimum of 100 successful transactions each month for three consecutive months;
  2. A minimum of 95% positive feedback score;

Can be also assigned based on an individual agreement with Odealo administrator


How do I apply for Super Seller status?

If you fulfill the requirements for Super Seller status please contact Odealo administrator. The verification process shouldn't take long and you will be able to enjoy your new features shortly.

Can my Super Seller status be revoked?

Yes, If your transaction performance will drastically drop down, or you will stop making transactions on a regular basis, your Super Seller status might be revoked.

Can I use the old posting offer system as Super Seller?

No ,currently we only allow one of the options to be available at the same time. If you want to use the regular offer posting mode your Super Seller status would have to be revoked.

I posted a single offer on several servers, why does it show as if I had so many offers?

Altough all offers within a group offer can be edited at the same time in one window, we treat each separate server as a separate offer. 

Can I post an offer on just one server with the Super Seller status enabled?

Yes, you have to create a group and just assing only the desired server to it. All the other servers in the first box will not be used for your offer.