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Cancelling transactions

On Odealo both users (seller and buyer) have the option to cancel the transaction. Sellers can directly cancel any order while buyers have to request the transaction cancellation, and it requires the seller's acceptance. 

Sellers are supposed to accept the cancellation request if they:

  1. have not started the service;
  2. have not delivered any of the goods;
  3. were unable to start the service or deliver the goods in the delivery time indicated in the offer descriptions;
  4. are unable to provide the services or goods in accordance with the offer description (in terms of quantity, quality or any other aspect whatsoever).

If the seller refuses the cancellation request, while any of the above conditions were met his user account might get suspended and the transaction will be cancelled manually by Odealo administrator.

Also abuse or excessive use of the Cancel feature might result in a user's account suspension.


What should I do if I can't get the seller to cancel the transaction, but he've never delivered anything?

In such rare cases please contact Odealo administrator. Our mediator will assist you and find a resolution for the transaction.

I have made my first deposit, paid for a product but the seller cancelled, I dont want to buy anything else but can't  get a refund because I have never confirmed my ID, what should I do?

If you did not make any other transactions from your first deposit, we should be able to assist you. Please just contact Odealo administrator.

The transaction was cancelled, do I have to pay the fee?

No! The fees are only charged after successful transactions. All the credits are refunded to users wallet so there are no extra costs.