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Users who had their personal data, phone number, and ID verified (which is unambiguous with attaining the 3rd level of authorization as referred to in Terms of Service) can request withdrawals of accumulated Credits. Withdrawals are made against a fee, based on the payment method chosen in accordance with the Schedule of Service Fees in Odealo's Terms of Services and in the table below. Withdrawals take between 1 - 4 business days, and on rare occasions like banking holidays, may be slightly delayed. 

In order to process withdrawals, Users are required to provide the necessary data corresponding to the method chosen. This can be done manually by the User in the "Payment details" tab inside their User's Accounts, or by providing the data to the site administrator by Private Message on the portal. After attaining the 3rd Authorization level (ID verification), Users may not freely change or edit those details and have to contact site administrators to do it. Any changes may require SMS code verification to the phone number registered on the account. 

Important note:

Withdrawals are processed manually and in case of requesting a withdrawal before adding the corresponding Payment details, Withdrawals requests are still created and the funds are deducted from your on-site balance. You should input the required information as soon as possible, not to extend the waiting time. You can do it yourself or by contacting the site administrator depending on your Authorization level.

Important note: As of March 6th 2022 withdrawals of funds to Russia are temporarily suspended until further notice

Available Withdrawal methods on Odealo

Withdrawals can be processed to verified Skrill Wallets in USD Currency. In order for the site administrator to process a withdrawal, it's required that you provide the email address associated with your Skrill account.

  1. Required data: email address
  2. Fee: 8% + 1

If you have a Skrill account in a different currency, Skrill may charge the Currency Conversion Fee

Odealo offers withdrawals to Webmoney Wallets. In order to receive a payment, you have to provide your WMZ Wallet number in Z123..... format and your date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD format. 

  1. Required data: WMZ Wallet number and date of birth
  2. Fee: 8% + 1

We cannot process withdrawals to Purses other than WMZ.

Payouts are also possible to Payoneer Accounts and Pre-paid cards. In order to receive payments via Payoneer, you will need to join our company as a Payee by using a registration link (no, you don't need to create a new Payoneer account, you simply need to use the one you have to join our company). Withdrawals to Payoneer have the lowest base fee, however, they may be subject to an additional fee charged by Payoneer. You can find more details by checking the funding sources on your Payoneer Account after you had Odealo added as one of them.

  1. Required data: Payoneer Customer ID number
  2. Fee: 6% + 0

Withdrawals via international transfers may also be possible upon request - please contact the site administrator for more details and availability. Wire Transfer, as a withdrawal option, is not listed as a method on the User's account, and can only be requested by directly contacting the site administrator.

  1. Required data: Bank Account number in IBAN Form, recipient's bank SWIFT code, recipient's name
  2. Fee: 4% + 15

Wire transfers are sent in SHA (Shared) mode which means the recipient also has to pay his bank's commissions


Withdrawal limits

Withdrawals are unavailable for Users with the 1st and 2nd Authorization levels. You can still contact us about refunds for undelivered orders
Withdrawals up to 10,000 can be requested. For security purposes, further verification may be required from high volume sellers