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Offer types

Users are allowed to make an offer to sell any kind of virtual goods or services that are related to online games included on our site, and each game’s corresponding categories. Offers on Odealo are sorted into four main categories: the currency market, the items market, the powerleveling market, and the accounts market. Each market offers he user different options and features. Because of the way offers are posted in the currency or powerleveling markets and more restricted access to the accounts market market, the types of goods and services that can be posted in those three markets are rather narrowed down. On the other hand, offers in the item market may also contain services(boosting ranks, accounts or characters which is not entirely related to levels and don't suit the Powerleveling type) other tradeable goods such as pets, skins, collectibles, or even unusual types of currency not included in the currency market(as long as it matches the item market pattern).

Currency Market

The currency market is the place where  game currencies are listed. Many games have different currencies, and each currency usually has its own exchange ratio. Currency values are displayed here via a special chart, which shows currencies’ fluctuations over the past 24hours.

Item Market

The items market is the place where all items are listed. The most popular items in this category are weapons, armors or various accessories your virtual characters can use in popular MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Path Exile, and many others. This market may also contain other tradeable goods such as pets, skins, collectibles, or even unusual types of currency not included in the currency market.




Powerleveling Market

The powerleveling market is the place where all powerleveling-related services are listed. This market includes level ranges available for different games, with their corresponding prices. Most levels included here are for characters in MMORPG games, but this market may also include leveling related to profession skills, abilities, or other attributes a certain game may feature.


Accounts Market

The accounts market is the place where all accounts are listed. On this market, sellers have to provide additional information about the accounts they are offering for sale, including: the account’s ownership details; whether the account has active playtime remaining; and what additional information will be provided to the buyer after purchase(e.g., original game CD-key, email account, account owner’s personal information used during the account registration process, etc.).



Why is it required to have the third authorization level in order to post offers on the powerleveling and accounts market?

That steps are necessary to maintain safety of every transaction related to offers from those two markets. Services related to powerleveling usually require seller's access to the game account of buyer, and with accounts, there is always a risk of recovering the account by the original ower -- that means, that sellers have to be verified as fair traders. 

The type of goods I want to sell, doesn't match any of the available categories, where should I post them?

As long as the object of your offer does not violate Odealo's Terms of Service and is a virtual object or a service related to one of the supported games, you should post such offer on the Items market -- as long as you can indicate number of items you are selling and the single unit price.

I have items in different games(unlisted on Odealo), is it possible to post those?

You should post offers only in the game category, the object of your offer is related to. If you want a new title to be added on Odealo please contact us. If we get sufficient number of request for certain game titles, we will gladly support them.