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Transaction system

Odealo implements a fraud-proof transaction system similar to Escrow. After the payment is made via the Odealo portal, an order gets created and the Seller is notified about the sale. Now is the time to deliver the Goods. After the trade is complete, both parties have to confirm it on the portal in the offer's details window. Credits are transferred to the Seller after the Buyer's delivery confirmation, or if three days have passed from Seller's confirmation of shipment without any complaints on the Buyer's side. Check out the infographic below for more details:


There are also several rare and unusual situations that may occur that can be dealt with in the following manner:

  1. The Seller doesn't deliver the order or respond back to messages: as a Buyer, you can always contact support via PM, e-mail, contact form, Skype, or Discord to look for assistance. You can also request to cancel a problematic order, which should 
  2. The Buyer doesn't confirm delivery: this happens quite often, usually with new users that are not fully familiar with the transaction system on Odealo. Buyers can be either asked via PM to confirm the delivery, or the Seller will have to wait three days to get the order auto-confirmed
  3. The Buyer claims he didn't receive his order: firstly, Buyers may report the Items/Services as missing; at that stage, Seller has to make sure everything was in order, and the order was delivered as-described and to the right recipient. If the Buyer still insists that he didn't get what he paid for, he can open a Dispute. Now, all information about the transaction has to be provided to the site administrator for inspection, and a decision will be made either in favor of the Buyer or Seller. Buyers are explicitly required to keep all evidence of deliveries made.
  4. The Buyer requested to cancel the order: in such case, Seller should determine what was the cause for the Buyer's request - if it was because of lack of communication or delays, orders can still be delivered. Then Seller simply has to reject the request and deliver as usual. If the request was made because the Buyer no longer needs the order or has made any mistake in regards to quantity, specified product, or chosen server or game mode, then the request should be accepted assuming no delivery was made. Neither Seller or Buyer have to pay any fees for canceled orders.
  5. The Seller cancels the order: in rare cases, the Sellers may also cancel any order without notice or confirmation. This can happen when Sellers post Goods that are no longer available, or if there is a lack of communication from the Buyer and Sellers have a legitimate reason to believe the transaction will not go smoothly or that they may be unable to guarantee the safety of such transaction. As a Buyer, you get the Credits refunded instantly to your on-site balance, and if you believe you were mistreated in the process, make sure to contact the site administrator.


In case of any issues, you can always contact Odealo administrators via Private Message, e-mail, contact form, Skype, or Discord. Support is available 24/7 and we will address your inquiry as soon as possible. 

It's worth noting, that the commission is deducted automatically from the amount of Credits transferred to the Seller and there are no fees for canceled orders whatsoever.