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Posting group offers

Super Seller status allows the user to post group offers. This tool replaces the previous one that is used by all regular users. It is again available through the () icon next to the quick menu or through the post a new offer buttons available throughout various pages within user's account.

Supper Sellers are able to post offers on every market without limitations -- their new status acts as the fifth authorization level.

The group offer posting feature allows the user to select any number of servers and distribute them into up to 10 separate groups, for which different prices, discounts and promotion features can be chosen.

Offer is created and published instantly aftering using the Post button on the bottom of the page -- always make sure all the data and description in your offers is accurate.

Available group offer management options:

  1. Create template - creates a new template based on the existing offer's settings;
  2. Create similar - vis-a-vis the Repost option available for regular users -- used to create a new offer based on the settings of the existing(active or finished) offer;
  3. Edit - allows edition of the current offer -- creates new offer ID but does not extend it's duration;
  4. Cancel - cancels publishing of the offer -- will not cancel active transactions;
  5. Show - displays all individual offers within the group, allowing to separately preview, promote or cancel each individual offer.


Do I have to pay for Super Seller status?

No, the Super Seller status is completely free.

Is there a maximum number of group offers I can have at the same time?

No, the number of group offers is unlimited and posting them is always free.

Are there any other benefits for Super Sellers?

Yes, Super Seller's accounts are indicated with a special icon(exclusive only to them and users with the fifth authorization level). Also they benefit from free extended offer duration feature and much cheaper group offer promotion options when being selected for multiple servers.

Is it possible to post an offer on just one server while having the Super Seller status?

Yes, you have to create a group and just assing only the desired server to it. All the other servers in the first box will not be used for your offer.