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Transaction settlements

All transaction are settled with the acceptance of credits as the mean of exchange on Odealo. When accepting offers from other users, the amount of credits indicated in user's shopping cart is blocked on the buyers account for the duration of each transaction. This way, our system assures the seller, that he is guaranteed to receive the payment for the goods he is about to deliver. After buyer's confirmation of delivery, Odealo deduct its transaction fee (set at 4% - for more information please refer to Terms of Service's attachment : Schedule of Service Fees) from the transaction value and transfers the corresponding amount to sellers individualized wallet.  Payments done for successful transactions are instant -- and are done directly after buyer confirmation.


I have canceled my transction, do I have to pay the fees?

No, no fees are charged from either party of a cancelled transaction. All credits are refunded to the buyer. Please be aware excessive use of cancel option or abuse of it in any way might result in account suspension.

I am unable to deliver all of the products purchased by other user, what should I do?

The best way is to contact the buyer and inform him about your current stock or availability of items. There is no direct tool to process just part of the transaction, It is advised to cancel the current order and kindly ask the buyer to repurchase the appropriate quantity.

The buyer doesn't want to confirm the delivery I made, what steps should I take?

This are rare and very individual cases, which require external mediator to resolve. It is required from buyer to always make sure he is delivering the goods or services to the right user by validating his/her character name, game account name and/or server/fraction in game. Also it is required for buyer to keep any evidence of delivery (in form of screenshots, chat logs, videos) -- in such situation this is required for the mediator to be able to confirm successful resolution of a transaction.

I completed a transaction with another user, but I have changed my mind and want a refund, is that possible?

We do not take part in transactions between users and therefore give no support to refund requests or other types of complaints after delivery is confirmed. It is advised to resolve this type of issues with the seller directly. You can always contact us in rare cases of fraud or violation of Terms of Service by other users.