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User Account

In order to participate in trading on Odealo, you will need to register a User Account first. As a Guest, you can still browse Offers and read Articles and Guides, however, you will be missing out on the major feature we have to offer. The registration process is exactly the same whether you want to become a Buyer or a Seller. You can register by clicking the  button in the top-right corner of the website. Then, simply provide your email address, pick a password and input your personal details - you are ready to go.

All important information about Users accounts is displayed on avatars that can be found all around Odealo. You will find avatars on offer details pages, in the message center, and on specific User's profile pages.


Odealo User's Avatar explained

This is a typical Odealo User's avatar which has all the basic information on it. It displays User's Account level, Authorization level, availability status, and a profile picture or a logotype. 
User's profile/avatar image or a logotype. It's primarily added for account aesthetic purposes and helps Sellers build a "brand" for themselves, allowing other users to identify their offers right away
User's Authorization level is displayed in the form of color bars below the User's avatar. Each bar represents one of the five available Authorization levels
User's Account level determines one's involvement in Odealo and overall site activity. You gain experience points for successful transactions, positive feedback, Badges, Authorization levels, which let you level up after reaching set thresholds
A simple indicator of whether the specific User is more actively Buying (B) or Selling (S) on Odealo

Additional information about Users including their recent Feedback, Ratings, number of transactions completed, and awarded Badges can be found on the User's profile page. The profile page can be accessed by clicking on any Username across the website.


Odealo's Authorization System

In order to unlock additional Account features including increased payment and withdrawal Limits, or posting offers in Power Leveling and Account categories, users need to obtain higher Authorization levels.  This process is based on personal data verification carried out by our designated staff members. Higher User's Authorization level increases the limits of payments(in form of deposits), while for Sellers, it is required for cash Withdrawals, and to post offers in Power Leveling and Accounts categories. 

There are five different levels of authorization, and we advise our users to participate in the process - making the Odealo community a safer place. and allowing users to enjoy it to the full extent. Please note that your data is not shared with other users, and we are fully GDPR compliant on the matter of your personal data security. 


Steps required for the first authorization level are taken by users automatically after creating an account. It is attained by using the confirmation link sent via e-mail after providing personal data
The second authorization level is reached after verifying the User's phone number via SMS code. Just like the first level, this step can be completed without Odealo's administrator supervision
The third Authorization level is attained after providing a copy of User's ID (or another government-issued document) and a utility bill
The fourth Authorization level can be obtained by uploading a scan of User's Credit Card with name, four last digits, and expiration date visible (all other data has to be blurred out/hidden). In some cases, other documents that prove ownership of means of payment used by the User may be accepted
The fifth Authorization level is usually granted to Users with a long history on Odealo. Each User's request for the fifth level is evaluated individually based on the user's overall activity

The authorization process is conducted via the Authorization page whereas Levels 1 and 2 are completed automatically by the User, and Levels 3,4, and 5 have to be approved by Odealo's designated administrator. After uploading the required documents please wait - you will be notified about the outcome shortly. This process can take up to several hours. However, if you were directly requested to provide documents after making a payment that's waiting for approval, it should be much quicker.