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Transaction settlement

The transaction system implemented on Odealo is similar to Escrow. All transactions are settled upon the Buyer's delivery confirmation or after three days from the Seller's confirmation of shipment. Within that period of time, Buyers may report any issues with the transaction, file complaints, and open a dispute. After those three days, if no action or problem of any kind is reported, the transaction will be completed. Settlements are made instantly after the transaction changes its status to Completed, and the corresponding amount of Credits are transferred to the Seller.

The "per transaction" fee is charged upon transaction completion in accordance with the Schedule of Service Fees in the amount of 4%. No fees of any kind are charged for canceled orders from any of the parties.  

Odealo cannot be held responsible for the transfer of Credits which is a result of User's action, which in particular could be a mistake of any of the parties of the transaction. In such rare cases please contact the other party of the transaction to complete the delivery, offer a refund, or compensation of any kind. Odealo has no legal or technical means of transferring Credits between users. You can also contact site administrator for arbitration.